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10 Arguments to Convince Your CEO to Adopt a Field Service Management Solution

10 Arguments to Convince Your CEO to Adopt a Field Service Management Solution

CEOs devote a hefty amount of time and brainpower to strategizing. How can we sink costs? How can we increase revenue? How can we reach critical KPIs like customer satisfaction and quality assurance? How can we stay ahead of the game in the midst of a digital revolution? The concerns are endless and seem at first glance insurmountable. However, implementing an FSM solution can help companies attain these goals and more. Do you think your company should adopt FSM tools? Here’s how to convince your CEO!

1. Satisfied Customers

FSM software is primarily focused on one thing: improving the entire service process. Automated scheduling ensures minimal wait time for the best equipped technicians to tackle the job. Real-time tracking lets customers know when to expect their service technician or replacements parts. Knowledge management almost always guarantees a first-time fix. And the ability to incorporate self-service options, empowers customers to tackle their own problems. All of this adds up to faster and better service. According to a study by Aberdeen, customer satisfaction increases more than 20% when an issue can be resolved the first time around. FSM clearly helps you accomplish this!

2. Increased Revenue

Satisfied customers are loyal customers. Not only will they continue relying on your services, they are also more apt to recommend your company to other people. This translates to increased revenue. More importantly, FSM software places valuable customer and product information at your field service workers’ fingertips. With a comprehensive overview of a customer’s products and devices, service technicians are strategically positioned to upsell and cross-sell new services and advise on potential upgrades and add-ons. FSM software also makes it possible to immediately notify the back-end team to follow up with interested customers. For more potential earnings!

3. More Efficiency, Fewer Costs

As mentioned, FSM makes it possible to implement automated scheduling and send the best equipped technician to tackle a service request. What exactly does that mean? Scheduling software powered by artificial intelligence takes into consideration a service technician’s qualifications, skill set, location, inventory, availability and more to make sure the right person is sent to the right location. Challenge your CEO to ask your service technicians and the team in charge of scheduling assignments. They all know the immeasurable value of strategic resource planning for increasing efficiency and lowering the cost of repeat visits!

The increased level of efficiency offered by automated field service processes means that technicians are spending 20-30 min. less at onsite appointments. Jack Rijnenberg, Director of Global Customer Service, Markem-Imaje
4. Leap into the Digital Future

Nowadays, everyone from CEOs to service technicians to grandmas know about the digital transformation. It is critical that your company create a strategy to address all the disruptions the digital age has created and will continue to create. Introducing an FSM solution is a great way to start because it incorporates many of the technologies revolutionizing the way people do business. From artificially intelligent scheduling to augmented reality problem solving to the use of IoT and digital twins to provide predictive maintenance, FSM solutions are taking full advantage of the latest digital innovations.

5. Happy Shareholders

More money means higher dividends means happy shareholders. Simple enough!

6. Happier Employees

More and more employees are placing greater importance on their working environments and tools. Showing up to a client with a carbon copy pad and a lead pencil is not only cumbersome, it’s outdated, inefficient, and - let’s be honest- a bit embarrassing! Employees want to feel capable and empowered by the tools of their trade. Giving them access to the knowledge they need while on site helps them serve your customers and perform their services better. First-time-fixes are not only a bonus for your customers, success also encourages your employees. Furthermore, FSM software gives you the opportunity to implement a crowd service solution. With access to a pool of certified workers, you can ensure your staff receives the support it needs when there are bottlenecks and the demand for services is higher than they alone can manage. Everyone wins!

7. Improved Cash Flow

FSM solutions allow you to streamline all transactions. Using a mobile device, field service technicians can complete a full report of the incident complete with the customer’s signature. They can then prepare invoices in real-time and even collect payments while on site. The result: a significant cash flow increase. If you can’t convince your CEO, then this argument will definitely help you get the CFO on board!

We have successfully reduced the time between servicing and invoicing from several weeks. Andreas Heinz, Head of IT, Kardex Remstar
8. Better Overview = Smarter Decisions

FSM software incorporates massive amounts of data from customer history to device information to product manuals to SLAs to inventory and much more. Having an overview of all information relevant to providing field services facilitates decision-making processes. Look at the figures in real-time and make intelligent forecasts about your business and your customers!

9. Safety and Security

Service technicians are constantly in new environments and often subject to unfamiliar and risky working conditions. FSM software provides automated checklists and processes based on company knowledge and information acquired in the field. This helps them take all the necessary steps to ensure their safety and the safety of everyone around them.

And nowadays, safety extends beyond the physical. Data security is a big issue as more and more processes are digitized. When implementing a new software, it is important to take into account the security measures in place. Coresystems offers a solution that is not only compliant with the latest cybersecurity regulations, it also helps your company maintain compliant policies as well!

10. Quality

Last but not least, an FSM solution promises the highest level of quality possible. One thing that many business overlook is that service is also often a measure of a product’s quality. Especially as customers are now investing just as much if not more in service level agreements as new devices. That means just as much thought and insight should be invested in creating top notch service. FSM solutions let you analyze field service data to measure important metrics like performance, downtimes, frequently defective components, and additional indicators of successful operations. By providing these statistics to your quality assurance department, you can immediately begin the process of tweaking your products so they are more reliable and efficient in the future. Don’t even give your customers the chance to be dissatisfied!

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