Every field Service organization wants to have a great team from the back office to the field service technicians who deliver great service to clients that are loyal and satisfied. Though Hollywood movies might not be the first place one might think of to find inspiring quotes on delivering great field service, these all-time great movie quotes can get your field service engineers motivated to go above and beyond.

"They're here!"
Poltergeist, 1982

From the customer’s point of view, the arrival of a field service tech they’ve been waiting on is often a moment of relief. Although in the movie “Poltergeist” the entities who arrived through the malfunctioning television had ill intent, when field service agents arrive on-site, they’re there to help rather than cause trouble. And the customer is eagerly looking forward to the arrival of these techs because it means that their equipment problems will be resolved, ideally during that first visit.

"Wax on, wax off."
The Karate Kid, 1984

No other movie quote shows the importance of good training as this one from “The Karate Kid.” Using an inventive training technique, veteran karate sensei Mr. Miyagi had his young protege  waxing his car, which ended up laying the groundwork for Daniel to learn karate very quickly and become a champion once he was in the ring. Field service technicians who receive good training through innovative methods such as field service software that has dynamic checklists, can get out into the field and start working sooner. It’s also important for young, new field service engineers to learn from veteran, more experienced service techs who can show them smarter ways to successfully complete fixes.

"That'll do, pig. That'll do."
Babe, 1995

This quote from “Babe” means “that’s good” and “well done.” The pig, Babe, had just won cheers from a crowd when he approached his farmer for his seal of approval. For field service technicians, once they deliver a successful fix like they were trained to do, they can use mobile field service software to collect good reviews from customers. Once back in the office, one way a Chief Service Officer or field service leader can encourage employee engagement and retain young employees is by acknowledging techs on a job well done, perhaps through gamification strategies.

"It's alive! It's alive!"
Frankenstein, 1931

Like the mad scientist in the film “Frankenstein,” who puts machinery parts together for his greatest creation, field service engineers work hard to fix machines and get them back up and running again. So great field service techs and customers have every reason to be happy when they succeed in bringing a machine back to life, cutting down on downtime for the customer.  

"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."
A Streetcar Named Desire, 1951

Sometimes customers are like damsels in distress like the character Blanche in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” These type of customers are always looking for help, and depend on that help to keep the machines they use in their business up and running. This is why it’s important that field service technicians provide great service to those customers that don’t have the know-how or desire to fix their machines themselves.

"If you build it, he will come."
Field of Dreams, 1989

In this sports movie, Kevin Costner’s character builds a field where long-dead baseball players appear to play. If manufacturers build great products, customers will buy them. And once customers need service on those machines or parts, they can request techs who are trained to fix broken equipment successfully. Good techs build customer trust and customer loyalty, and the customer will come back to the service-based manufacturer for more service; they may even refer new customers who will start doing business with the manufacturer as well. 

"Just keep swimming."
Finding Nemo, 2003

In “Finding Nemo” a clownfish father is on a mission to find his son who was kidnapped. Along the way, he makes friends with Dory, another fish, who lets him know to “just keep swimming” even when he’s feeling discouraged because he’s having a hard time locating his kid. For field service workers, the goal is to achieve a first-time fix for customers. So even when problems arise, it’s important that techs can rely on mobile tools such as field service software where customer information and guidebooks can be downloaded that can help them find solutions. Using a mobile device also enables techs to get advice from team members when they feel stuck on a specific equipment problem that’s hard to fix.

"Say hello to my little friend!"
Scarface, 1983

While Al Pacino’s character in “Scarface” delivered this line while wielding an M16 gun to inflict as much damage as possible on his enemies, field service technicians should be equipped with tools they need to deliver good service and provide resolutions for customers. Whether that means having a BYOD policy in place or equipping them with mobile tablets loaded with field service software, being well-equipped with useful technology and software will help technicians quickly fix damage, rather than create more like Scarface.

"Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys."
Dead Poets Society, 1989

In this classic movie, Robin Williams motivates his class of students to go out and be extraordinary, rather than retiring later in life with regrets. CSOs of successful organizations encourage their techs deliver service that is above average or “Best-in-Class” as Aberdeen Research calls the highest quality service organizations. Field service techs should be dispatched with the idea in mind to make their service extraordinary, which will help the organization stand out from the competition by achieving a high-rate of first-time fixes and customer satisfaction.

"Here's Johnny!"
The Shining, 1980

Though it’s one of the scariest movie moments of all time, there’s something to be learned from Jack Nicholson’s character startling entrance in this classic film scene. When field service techs have a mission, they should do whatever they have to do to find the problem and eliminate it. That may mean using predictive maintenance or historical data collected from a machine to determine exactly where the equipment failure has occurred. It’s up to the tech to properly diagnose the problem as efficiently as possible.

"Houston, we have a problem."
Apollo 13, 1995

Customers depend on the uptime of their machines and equipment to keep their business running smoothly. So when customers call into a field service dispatcher distressed because they have a problem and need help, they’re relying on the dispatcher to send a smart, well-equipped technician who will come up with a strategy to get their machine back up and running. This is similar to the astronaut characters in the film “Apollo 13” who depend on NASA scientists to help get them back down to earth when their spacecraft is severely damaged.

"To infinity and beyond!"
Toy Story, 1995

Though manufacturers will always sell products, having service-based offerings is a smart way to keep your business successful in the future. Customers may only buy one machine from your company, which means one sale. But if in addition to that one sale, you provide service for that machine, it means repeat business from the customer and your relationship with them can go on for awhile. And if your field service techs upsell or cross-sell replacement parts as necessary, the equipment they purchased can also last a very long time.

"I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."
The Godfather, 1972

In one of the most famous scenes in one of the greatest film of all time, Don Corleone says, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Well in field service, it’s possible to do this with your existing customers by giving them customized, personalized service. By using mobile field service software, your techs will have customer information and history on-hand at all times. With this information, techs can know and understand exactly what each client needs on an individual basis. When you show your customers how well you know them and their machines, they won’t be able to refuse your service.


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