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3 Reasons why your Field Service Team needs Analytics and Reporting

3 Reasons why your Field Service Team needs Analytics and Reporting

Time stops for no one! That is why it essential to have all the information you need at your fingertips when making key business decisions. However, with customers, service technicians, and even machines and devices producing a constant flow of data, this can get tricky. That is where Analytics and Reporting comes in!

The Streamlined Inventory Management Scenario

Imagine this common scenario. Your supply team in charge of ordering new inventory needs to restock. In the past, this would have been as simple as reviewing a list of parts ordered and replacing what has been used. Nowadays, however, you have access to substantially more information. For example:

  • Thanks to machine and device sensors, which facilitate predictive maintenance, you have a detailed overview of which parts experience more wear and tear and might require more frequent replacement.
  • Thanks to automated inventory management, you can determine if parts are indeed still available but simply distributed amongst different field service vehicles. 

Analytics and Reporting consolidates all of this information providing everyone involved in the service process with a manageable overview. This can help you refine your supply chain so that you purchase precisely what you need. This way you are never forced to store an oversupply of infrequently needed parts or, even worse, in need of a part that is not available.

The Upsell/Cross-Sell Scenario 

Manufacturing and production companies have since realized that the customer relationship does not end with a machine or device purchase. Successful businesses have invested time and forethought into providing extensive customer service. For example:

  • Thanks to extensive knowledge management, service technicians have a comprehensive overview of the customer and device history. This not only makes it possible to immediately assess the situation and get to work on a solution, it also gives technicians an opportunity to cross-sell additional products and services that might be beneficial for the customer or device.
  • Thanks to predictive maintenance tools, technicians can accurately determine the lifecycle of a device or machine and upsell newer models to avoid costly downtime in the event of malfunctions or breakdowns.

The Analytics and Reporting feature provides easy access to all these essential details. And informed service technicians do not have to waste time communicating back and forth with headquarters. Instead, they can take advantage of their direct connection to customers to engage in more personal and meaningful interfacing!

The KPI Success Scenario

With great products and service technicians, you’re bound to be successful! However, you might run into trouble now and then. Analytics and Reporting gives you an up-to-date overview of all the processes your field service and back-end employees execute on a daily basis. This makes it possible to immediately pinpoint any areas that might not be running smoothly so you can iron out the kinks.

  • With current and updated input from your service technicians, you can track the entire length and duration of a process and analyze what steps might be taking too long or are perhaps unnecessary.
  • Thanks to the detailed overview of the field service process, you can strive to eliminate any failures and even accurately gauge your most successful areas and use this information to further improve.

Analytics and Reporting provides you with the data you need to target your KPIs!

Ultimately, the trend is towards more data. The most successful businesses will not only have the skills and the expertise to provide great service, they will also have the essential tools for sifting through this data and using it to their advantage. Data is only valuable if it can be thoroughly analyzed and used to empower your employees and improve your services. This is exactly what we had in mind when designing our Analytics and Reporting app.

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