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5 Advantages for Field Service Technicians To Have Access to the ERP System

5 Advantages for Field Service Technicians To Have Access to the ERP System

Your ERP system lives in the office, but field service lives outside of it. So why not give field service technicians direct access to the office even when they’re out and about on the job? Field service software is the link that ties the back office to the outside world. Field service software connects your technicians to the ERP system while they’re out in the field. If technicians have direct access to the ERP system, they can do their jobs that much better.

Access to Customer History

Ideally, a doctor would never go into an appointment with a patient without having reviewed their medical records and history.

Similarly, when your field service technicians are on a job and have direct access to the ERP system they can pull up the customer’s service and equipment history on-site. All the data they need to complete the job well would be in hand, making their job easier, and the customer happier because they can complete the work that needs to be done quickly and efficiently.

Easy Inventory Management

What if you’re at the grocery store, shopping for a specific recipe, but you aren’t sure if you have a main ingredient in the cabinet back home? If you go home and check, you run the risk of having to go out to the store a second time to buy it.

If field service technicians have access to the ERP system, they will be able to view the parts inventory that the warehouse has in stock, without having to go back and check it or carry around heavy files. They can also order directly from the software on-site with the customer, if there’s a part needed that is low or not in stock.

Immediate Data Entry

If techs use a field service software solution to enter data about a job, then that data will sync with the ERP system, and information will not need to change hands or get lost in the shuffle. This eliminates the possibility of having data errors caused by data entry done later down the line. If field service techs are connected to the ERP system, they can collect data in real-time out in the field. And having real-time data allows them to do business intelligently and make data-driven decisions.

Simplified Selling Process

Having direct access to the ERP system can help a field service technician sell products. With field service software, techs can make preventative maintenance sales while on-site with the customer. After a tech enters information on what item has been sold, the back office can take over and generate a receipt for the sale, creating a smooth transition. Additionally, giving field technicians direct access to the ERP makes generating invoices easier and faster since all the necessary information will already be entered by the technician.

Empowered by Technology

Field service software allows techs to be confident because they have all of the necessary information available in an easily accessible way. They can impress customers with their knowledge and expertise in servicing the equipment. With direct ERP access, field service providers can position themselves as expert technicians, which makes them feel empowered and motivated to do their best work. This simultaneously makes customers feel confident in the service that your company provides.


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