The 21st century has witnessed the converging of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology with the Internet of Things. The outcome has been a rapid dissemination of devices and machines that are revolutionizing the way we live, work and play.

Though many companies are quick to adapt their production chains to satisfy a technologically evolving customer demand, they fall short when it comes to updating their field service solutions. They rely on traditional methods of responding to customer issues and complaints even though today’s fast-paced technology necessitates an overhaul.

Workforce 4.0

The companies that are successfully forging forward are the ones that have grasped the need for an upgraded way of managing field services: crowd service solutions. A kind of workforce 4.0 so to speak.

The crowd service is a merger between two relatively new concepts: the shared economy and the virtual workforce. By pooling together technicians and freelancers with specific expertise and skills and managing them as remote employees through crowd service software, companies have been able to substantially increase their workforce. And this has made it possible to keep pace with the growing need for field services.

What is there to gain?

There are real tangible benefits to implementing a crowd service solution.

1. Customer satisfaction guaranteed 
Customers who enjoy your products only enjoy them when they are fully operational. Any interruptions to service or usability quickly diminish the appeal of the newest got-to-have gadget. With a crowd solution you can offer real-time field service to meet customer demands immediately. This keeps customers happy and coming back for more of your products…

2. Increased revenue
…and more products sold means more money. Plain and simple. A happy customer is a loyal one. And loyal customers don’t look to the competition when they have a brand they can rely on. 

3. Building trust
When companies can quickly address technical issues, they build up customers’ trust in their brand. Becoming a trusted brand is simply a smart business move.

4. Trailblazing
It is the trailblazers who are remembered for breakthrough innovations and setting new industry standards. Why not be the trendsetter instead of the company that follows the crowd.

5. Set yourself apart
Customers don’t compare what you and your competitors have in common, they look for what more you can offer them. By offering them guaranteed real-time service, customized solutions and quality work, you are sure to stand out from the masses.

Every moment spent waiting for service is a moment a customer will spend looking for alternatives. Make sure that you are the company your customers keep coming back to!


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