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5 Tips for Service Technicians Looking to Optimize Service Processes

5 Tips for Service Technicians Looking to Optimize Service Processes

Your major goal as a service technician is ensuring customer satisfaction, an essential KPI. The best way to do this is to identify and eliminate all the non-essential, time-consuming steps in your workflow. Here are five tips for you to optimize your processes.

Our lifestyles, consumption habits, and even mindsets are changing at a rapidly increasing pace. Whereas we were once willing to wait on hold and sign on dotted lines, we now expect many facets of our lives to be quicker, connected and digitalized. These expectations extend beyond our private spheres. They are influencing customer anticipations and, as a result, how we do business. No one is willing to take time for granted. As the credo goes, time is money. And, it is also an increasingly rare valuable commodity. Given these circumstances, it is hardly surprising that companies are making the inevitable shift towards digitalization with an eye towards saving time and yielding greater profits.

As a service technician, you are especially subject to the pressure imposed by demanding customers insisting on real-time solutions. Even minutes are precious in the race to provide quick, seamless and effective service. You do not have time to waste on inefficient and outdated processes. Here are five tips for you to optimize your processes:

#1 Always be prepared!

Being ready is half the battle. Part of this is planning your workday to maximize your time. Know the best route to your customers before you set off. This includes knowing about traffic jams that might cause delays, and taking into consideration that finding a parking space might be difficult in some neighborhoods. It also means scheduling your appointments to minimize unnecessary travel time.

You also want to be ready for the task at hand. Field service management software not only uses intelligent scheduling processes to optimize your appointments, it also gives you access to a detailed history of your customers’ devices and issues. This makes it possible for you to know about your customers’ issues before you arrive on the scene. It ensures that you have the knowledge, the tools and any replacement parts you might need to get the job done the first time around.

#2 Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Sometimes all the preparation in the world won’t provide you with the solution. There is nothing wrong with not knowing all the answers. Take advantage of all the resources available to you. Thanks to field service management software, service technicians have product and repair manuals and videos at their fingertips. You can refer to checklists to determine if you’re taking all the necessary steps to solve a problem. You can use augmented reality assistants to look inside of machines and devices before dismantling them. You can turn to virtual reality to draw on the wisdom of specialists and experts. There is always knowledge available to you. Use it!

#3 Skip the paper trail!

With machine sensors connected to computers, service technician mobile devices connected to field service management software, customers connected to service technicians and headquarters, it is incredibly easy to streamline any and all administrative processes. Thanks to field service management apps, you can easily keep track of your appointments, customer data, and machine and device history. You can submit an invoice once a job has been completed. You can review customer feedback on your mobile device and strive to be the best. And you can do accomplish all of this without relying on analog methods.

#4 Hold off on unnecessary meetings!

So much of the communication that we need to get a job done can be done virtually. Before you spend valuable time sitting down for a meeting at headquarters, consider whether or not this information exchange can take place in a virtual meeting space. This will not only save you time, it will also save other field service technicians time. If you add that all up, that’s valuable hours that can be better spent on serving customers.

#5 Stay focused on the task at hand!

Distractions are a sure way to make mistakes. No matter how talented and experience a service technician you are, phone calls, push notifications and instant messages can shift your focus away from what you’re doing and potentially lead to errors. Dedicate your attention and your skills to what you’re doing, and you’ll minimize time wasted correcting unintentional mistakes.

These are five relatively simple tips to implement in your every day routines. However, the increase in efficiency, decrease in lost time and resulting boost to customer satisfaction and profit will be a real asset to you as a service technician and to your employer. 

Customers who are pleased with products and services are not tempted to seek out better solutions. In effect, guaranteeing customer satisfaction is a way of building up a loyal clientele and ensuring retention. If you want to learn more about how to increase customer satisfaction in field service read also the free white paper:

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