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6 Reasons Why Your Service Technician Is Actually Super Mario

6 Reasons Why Your Service Technician Is Actually Super Mario

September 13th: On this day in 1985, Nintendo released the Super Mario Brothers console game. Featuring a plumber with a mission sporting blue overalls, a red cap and his trademark bushy mustache, Super Mario was there to save the day.

Back then, people could only imagine where technology might take us. From movies like Star Wars and Star Trek to cartoons like the Jetsons, imaginations were running wild about what innovations the future might bring. Some ideas are still nothing more than pipe dreams. Think ‘beam me up’! But thanks to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, some of those crazy ideas are well on their way to becoming reality, if they haven’t already.

So we need a new hero now! And overalls and a red cap aren’t going to cut it. We need someone who understands the ins and outs of the latest technology and who can help us out during our breakdown jams. We need Super Mario 4.0! And that person looks like your average service technician!

1th Reason

Super Mario is a lifesaving hero! Racing around the Mushroom Kingdom or far away galaxies, he is on a constant mission to rescue Princess Peach. Service technicians are also heroes out to save lives: machine lives! They rush to where their help is needed and spring into action to rescue our machines and devices from imminent death.

2nd Reason

Super Mario is known for his friendly, helpful and adventurous demeanor. The same goes for every successful service technician. They are ready to help you with whatever dilemma you might be facing. They will realign your cogs and screws. They are fearless in the face of your sputtering motor. They will tackle your tech breakdowns. And always with a smile!

3rd Reason

Even Super Mario needs a little help sometimes. He has got the ever-helpful Toad on his side. The same goes for service technicians. Help is only a mobile device away. When in doubt, technicians’ trusted allies are right in the palm of their hands. Field Service Management software ensures that checklists, instructional videos and manuals are only ever a few swipes away.

4th Reason

Super Mario relies on his beaming power to evade danger. Service technicians are not quite that magical, but they are getting closer thanks to augmented reality. All they have to do is put on their AR glasses and they can ‘beam’ all the help they need to solve the problem and protect their customers’ devices and gadgets.

5th Reason

Every superhero has an archenemy! Super Mario’s is Bowser. Service technicians’ most persistent enemy is time. They are always racing against it to come to the rescue.

6th Reason

Super Mario is under immense pressure. Everyone expects him to safely deliver Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil Bowser. The same goes for service technicians. Their customers and managers expect them to deliver quick repairs, installations and maintenance work. Everyone is looking to them to solve problems and restore order.

So next time you find yourself struggling with a malfunctioning electrical system, fighting a formidable printer, or spinning out of control with a defective turbine, look no further than your local service super hero!


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