Though the similarities between field service and the political world of Washington D.C. depicted in the series “House of Cards” might seem few and far between, there are some striking things they do have in common.



In “House of Cards,” Frank Underwood has a high-powered, high profile job. Because he’s busy running a country, he employs people to fix problems for him that he can’t attend to directly. He "dispatches" employees to provide service in the field. And when his employees help other people, it also helps Frank’s ultimate mission and goals.

In field service, dispatchers receive service calls and function as the intermediary between the customer and the technicians. When there is a problem that needs to be fixed or serviced, they are in charge of assigning technicians to tasks that are within their skill levels who can complete the job well. 

Field Technicians


In the world of “House of Cards,” Doug Stamper is Frank’s ultimate fixer. After being sent in the field, Doug always goes above and beyond to provide good service to Frank and his colleagues. Doug is thorough, loyal, and always gets the job done.

In field service, technicians are the lifeblood of the business. They are the ones who use software to fix problems and resolve service issues for customers the first time around.

Complete Data For Better Reporting

field-service-blog-house-of-cards-zoe-coresystemsFrank provides young newspaper reporter, Zoe Barnes, with exclusive information, so that she can do reports that are complete and data driven. These  reports get Frank Underwood and his campaign  good attention and publicity.

Since field service software is accessible on mobile devices, field technicians can have a customer’s history at the touch of a finger. They can call up the information they need to solve a problem, and also input data so that complete reports can be generated quickly. 


On “House of Cards”, Remy Danton’s job is to keep moving. He rarely spends long time in an office. Mostly, he’s out in the field talking to all different types of politicians, lawmakers, and corporations around the city. He can’t wait until he gets back to Washington D.C. to report back and he must have all of the information he needs to make informed decisions with him to do a good job.

One of the best things about field service software is that it lets technicians have access to information and the ability to do data entry via mobile devices. This allows techs to be fully untethered to working a desk and having to do paperwork. They can complete their work while out in the field, and it will all sync with the cloud, so that the dispatchers and company owners can know what work was done.



Frank’s wife and partner Claire Underwood knows how to work toward her goals under any circumstances. She promptly and accurately assesses how to deal with problems, no matter what or who is causing the problem. Whether it’s handling an unhappy lower-level employee or charming a foreign president, she quickly adapts to the situation.

With field service software, dispatchers are able to use field service technicians with certain skills to help solve specific problems. They can assign an engineer closest to a customer or reassign them, in cases of cancellation or rescheduling. Similarly, field service engineers can be flexible and react to customer’s request on site by offering additional products or services.


Married couple Frank and Claire makes the ultimate team on “House of Cards.” Though sometimes they disagree with each other, at the end of the day they both want what’s best for the sake of the continued success of their family.

Work teams who have field service automation are able to work together more easily. They can share updates, reports, and other important information via the app, which makes completing a project that takes multiple hands that much easier.


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