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A Little IoT Assistance for Our Old Friend the Easter Bunny

A Little IoT Assistance for Our Old Friend the Easter Bunny

All the red hearts and cupids have long disappeared from storefront windows and shop shelves to be replaced by Easter bunnies and technicolored eggs. Easter has long been synonymous with cheerful, long-eared rabbits. However, our furry delivery bunny is in need of an upgrade. IoT powered field service to the rescue!

The Rotten Pitfalls of not Upgrading to IoT

He hides his stash of eggs for the delight of children (and, let’s be honest, some adults) who are hungry for chocolate and some other sweet surprises. The Easter Bunny has always been a pro at finding the best hiding spots. However, the rest of us are not always the most adept sleuths. Cleverly hidden eggs end up lost and forgotten forever if there’s no way of remembering where they were stashed. If we’re lucky, they were the shiny, plastic kind... If we’re unlucky, the stench of hard-boiled eggs eventually reveals their location. To the dismay of eager children and the adults that have to dispose of them.

Easter 4.0: Tracking and Monitoring

Enter our state of the art service technician Easter hero! The service technician bunny has got a few tricks tucked in his ears to make Easter more enjoyable, and less stinky for us!

● Thanks to our service technician bunny’s field management software, we know exactly where he is and when he might be arriving at our doorstep (or in our backyard) with his basket full of goodies. We can track him on our own mobile devices and plan our holiday around his arrival instead of waiting around and trying to distract a bunch of chocolate addicted children (and adults!)

● Our service technician bunny is always prepared with all the information he needs to get the job done. Using some of the latest IoT technology, he can select nooks and crannies for his eggs that are just challenging enough to make the search fun, but not so challenging that cranky egg seekers get frustrated and give up.

● Finally, and most importantly, our service technician bunny uses IoT to ensure that no egg is ever left undiscovered. Using the location services on his mobile device, he can store the locations of all his hidden eggs. Implanted sensors then notify him whether or not they have been picked up by all the hungry egg hunters.
So to all you service technician Easter bunnies out there, we want to thank you for keeping all our devices operational over the holiday and making sure that no egg goes undiscovered!


Happy Easter and happy hiding!


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