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Are Field Services underestimated?

Are Field Services underestimated?

It is easy to overlook the true value of excellent field services for one simple reason. When things work, it is hard to appreciate what keeps it all spinning. But what would actually happen if we did not have field service experts to repair and maintain all the machines and devices we depend on?

We tend to forget that our amenities, comforts, and even the success of our economy have all become deeply intertwined with technology. So let’s take a moment to imagine what would happen across just a few global industries without effective and responsive field services:

ci-manufacturing-w Industrial Manufacturing & Equipment industry

Refrigerators, washing machines, automobiles, and, perhaps most important in the digital age, those ubiquitous Smartphones that keep us connected and (in)sane. Production of these machines and devices is contingent on reliable and fully operational manufacturing processes. Every second lost to downtime can have implicit financial consequences. And let’s not forget the machines playing a critical role in global sustenance, the ones involved in food processing and labeling. They not only ensure that we have food on our plates, but also that it hasn’t passed its expiration date. Regular maintenance checks by skilled field service technicians ensure the smooth operation of all these machines and processes. And this, in turn, guarantees the steady supply of the goods and services we expect to have readily accessible. Read more about challenges in the industrial manufacturing & equipment industry here

ci-medical Health Sciences & Medical Equipment

We’ve left behind the Middle Ages, and with them a host of once deadly illnesses and antiquated treatment options. Modern medicine employs hundreds of devices and gadgets for monitoring vital signs, performing minor and major surgeries, dosing medications, and so much more. Just imagine: before X-rays and MRIs doctors and patients had to suffer through the not so amusing task of guessing if bones were broken or other now easily detectable ailments were present. And these devices not only improve our quality of life. The dependable functioning of heart monitors, ventilators, and defibrillators can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. However, these machines are expensive. Field service experts to the rescue! Regular upkeep and maintenance by qualified technicians are essential to prolonging the lifespan of these machines and deterring costly replacements. 

ci-hvac HVAC

Many of us think of air-conditioning and heating systems when we think of HVAC. Rightly so. Those are the two most obvious creature comforts of HVAC technology. Though lighting a fire to stay warm may be romantic, the romance stops when you have to chop down a tree first. And sitting at your cubicle in an office building crammed full of computers would be unbearable without air-conditioning. However, we shouldn’t forget about the ‘V’ in HVAC. Without proper ventilation, we would spend our days and nights breathing in carbon dioxide, dust particles, all kinds of odors, and bacteria. Well-maintained HVAC systems ensure the circulation of fresh outside air and the removal of stale indoor air. If you want to experience life without functioning HVAC, just pack your family and friends in your car for a nice long drive on a hot summer day with the windows closed and the A/C off!

ci-mobile-app-w High Tech & Telecom

We might fantasize about being unreachable for a few weeks. And we might all profit from a digital detox. However, we would be remiss to doubt the benefits of telecommunications technology. Real-time connectivity facilitates countless facets of day-to-day life and business. From the company telco with business partners across the globe, to easy access to infinite information online, to the joy of keeping in touch with old and new friends, telecommunications services and devices have streamlined the way and speed at which we interact with one another. Anyone who remembers having to carry a pocket full of change for public telephones will readily defend the virtues of the mobile phone and the field service technicians who maintain and repair the physical lines of communication.

ci-energy-w Energy, Power & Utilities

Blackouts can be a great way to momentarily disconnect. And candles make for great mood lighting. But try spending a few weeks without electricity: computers, refrigerators, and entertainment systems would be reduced to useless heaps of metal and wires. Manufacturing, modern medicine, clean drinking water, lighting, heating, cooling, ventilating, telephoning, Internet browsing, online purchasing, Netflix consuming would all become impossible. The maintenance of energy systems is vital to preserving our way of life and sustaining a healthy economy, one dependent on the constant flow and consumption of goods and services. You only need look to regions devastated by environmental catastrophes to see how detrimental the steady supply of energy is to maintaining the status quo.

Field services are clearly not to be underestimated. Every day, maintenance and repair experts are making vital contributions towards continued commercial success and growth, financial security, interconnectivity, safety, and health.

And as field service management solutions incorporate the latest technology, like IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and predictive maintenance, field service specialists are able to offer us even greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Concentrating on providing the best field service is not only an asset for customers, it is also a driving force for modern day industry, a stable economy, and our overall well-being.

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