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Be Extra Nice to These Helpful Service Technicians!

Be Extra Nice to These Helpful Service Technicians!

Coresystems Field Service Software has taken scheduling into the digital age. Using artificial intelligence to sort through critical data like expertise, location, inventory and more, our scheduling tools ensure that the best service technician is matched to each client.

However, there’s one thing our tools don’t measure yet: the best service technicians to partner up with! So you’ll just have to rely on luck! Cross your fingers and maybe you’ll get to work alongside one of these 5 best technicians!

1. The "I-Fix-Everything" Technician

Many service technicians called in to repair a specific problem get right down to tackling the issue at hand. Not the “I-Fix-Everything” technicians! They have a keen eye for any problems that might be lurking around: a squeaky door that needs oiling, a loose screw, a leaky faucet, exposed cables. These technicians are career fixers. So it’s no surprise that they have all the answers to all your repair questions!

2. The “Generous-Gourmet” Technician

Service technicians are often on the road shuffling between different customers. That means meals are mobile. Not only does this get pricey on a daily basis, it isn’t necessarily the healthiest option. So a packed lunch is often the best way to go. The “Generous-Gourmets” have always got their colleagues in mind! They’re not just equipped with the tools of the trade, but also with a little something extra for everyone to snack on!

3. The “Super-Equipped” Technician

Every good technician has the tools they need to get the job done right. However, super technicians are fully-equipped for work, pleasure, and unforeseen circumstances. Are you stuck at a site for longer than expected? The “Super-Equipped” technician has probably brewed a fresh pot of coffee in the service van. Did your lunch get cold while you were waiting for some diagnostics to be completed? The “Super-Equipped” technician most likely has a microwave stowed away. But be sure to get into his or her inner circle so you can reap all the benefits!

4. The “Armchair-Psychologist” Technician

Not every service request is a complex undertaking. Some tasks are routine and mundane. That’s when it’s great to have an “Armchair-Psychologist” technician around. They enjoy working in pairs so they can pass the time chatting with colleagues. They always listen and only offer advice when asked. They also know when to stay quiet and how to keep a secret. If you’ve got a long day of mind numbing maintenance, then there’s no better company!

5. The “Comedian” Technician

The “Comedians” are not quite as good at listening as the “Armchair-Psychologists”, but they’ll keep you entertained and laughing for hours. Inside that box of tools is a full repertoire of jokes about everything and everyone - no holds barred! So make sure you’re nice lest you become the butt of the joke!

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