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Connect Your Existing IT Infrastructure to Field Service Software

Connect Your Existing IT Infrastructure to Field Service Software

When considering implementing field service management software, many IT professionals are worried about how new software will click with their existing IT infrastructure. Whether it is your existing ERP or CRM systems or you have a server and want to move your data into an open cloud, there are some points to consider when choosing a new workforce management system.

Watch Out for Multi-ERP Connectivity

Great field service solution providers will offer an extensive set of connector software to integrate with most of the well known ERP and CRM systems. For example, if you are already using SAP Business One, there’s no need to spend extra money on expensive programming to integrate field service software into your existing IT infrastructure. Staff will see the benefits of accessing the data stored in SAP anytime and anywhere right away. Cloud-based mobile workforce applications will allow all data entered on-the-go to sync back to your system, even if engineers are working offline.

Create Your Own Connector

If a software solutions provider doesn’t have a connector to the ERP system you are currently using, make sure they have an open API. This allows you to easily extend workforce management software to internal systems or other ERP or CRM software. Some field service solutions providers will allow you to develop your own connector. They may even sell it to other businesses willing to connect field service software to a particular ERP or CRM system.

Let Your Field Service Provider Assist You

When connecting your internal infrastructure to the field service solution, don’t be afraid to ask if you require assistance using or extending the field service API. Throughout the implementation process, software providers that offer mobile workforce software and applications are only as great as their integration consultation. As head of IT, you should be able to consult in person or have access to a development forum to ask questions. Whether the solutions provider is able to ensure smooth integration is an important criteria for choosing the right partner. 

Field Service Solution Should Be Mobile

When using a field service solution, your business’s primary goal should be to gain mobility while reducing errors in gathering data. This is why you should make sure that connecting workforce management software to your existing IT infrastructure will also allow you to be mobile on Android or iOS.

Regardless of what device they use, engineers will be more confident in front of customers and can impress them with their expertise if they have real-time ERP data with them at all times.

Wolffkran, a construction crane company, wanted to mobilize their team and digitize their paper-based service system. Since they connected their ERP software to the Coresystems Field Service Software, they were able to dramatically improve the service experience for customers.

Secure Your Data in the Cloud

There are still myths circulating about the security of cloud-based software solutions. Open clouds, which pull in information from ERP or CRM systems, are extremely secure as they don’t need to be entered through tunnels or ports. This means that you can be absolutely sure that your data is secured and can easily be extracted from the cloud. On the contrary, private clouds are pushing information,  therefore they are much more insecure.


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