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Converting from Analog to Digital Just Got Easier

Converting from Analog to Digital Just Got Easier

Creating checklists has just gotten faster and easier! For several years, Coresystems has been developing software solutions for field services. With the dawn of the Internet of Things, our innovative software systems have centered on connectivity, and embraced the ease that digitalization lends to standard business processes. Now, Coresystems has created a new feature for businesses making the critical transition from analog to digital: introducing the Checklist Report View.

Successful field service providers understand the value and necessity of checklists for ensuring consistency and quality. They are essential tools for managing knowledge accumulated by service technicians and specialists, and sharing this valuable insight throughout the company. And by allowing field service technicians to track the steps taken to address customer issues and then share their firsthand field experience, checklists ensure that problems only need to be solved once.

Coresystems FSM software has long included checklists and a Checklist Designer to facilitate knowledge management. However, our clients beginning the process of digitalizing their business procedures were forced to digitally recreate analog forms, templates, documents, checklists, in order to make these resources available to their field service technicians in digital format. This is no longer the case! Thanks to the Checklist Report View, field service providers can turn any PDF document into a dynamic checklist.

The process is simple. Once a PDF has been uploaded, it becomes a background. At this point, the checklist can be customized:

  • Special elements can be added like date selection, drop-down menus, signature fields, and more
  • Fields can be highlighted and color-coded so important information is not overlooked
  • Elements can be marked read-only so that certain information is not inadvertently edited
  • Fields can be automatically filled with database information so that the service technician does not have to spend extra time entering customer details

And on top of the numerous technical aspects of Checklist Report View that facilitate the process of creating reports, checklists and more, there are a number of additional benefits for field service technicians and in-house employees.

  1. Onboarding process is quick and simple: since these digital versions of existing analog templates mirror their originals, field service technicians accustomed to certain operational procedures do not have to relearn or reacquaint themselves with new templates, forms, documentation.
  2. Available online and offline: Field service technicians can fill-in and update the forms either offline or online when on site with clients.
  3. Available on all mobile devices: Forms are accessible and look exactly the same on all mobile devices.*
  4. Easy print-out: Once completed, the forms can be easily printed out from mobile and desktop devices.*
  5. Easy to use tool: There is no longer a need for complex reporting engines to create extensive reproductions of existing templates.

Most field service providers have realized that the digitalization of business processes is vital for remaining competitive in the industry.  However, the cost and effort involved in making the shift from paper and pen to smartphone and tablet can often be overwhelming. When Coresystems devised the Checklist Report View, we were looking for a solution that would let field service providers easily incorporate their years of amassed expertise into a digital interface. Just like there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, field service providers do not have to recreate all their content to stay ahead in the digital transformation. Thanks to Checklist Report View!

* These features currently function with all devices running iOS. We will extend availability to other devices next year.


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