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Coresystems Accelerates Orchard Machinery Corporation’s Field Service Processes with Mobile, Paperless Platform

Coresystems Accelerates Orchard Machinery Corporation’s Field Service Processes with Mobile, Paperless Platform

San Francisco, CA — (June 26, 2018) – Coresystems, a leading provider of cloud-based field service and workforce management software for mid-sized and large enterprises’ field service organizations, today announced that Orchard Machinery Corporation (OMC) is using Coresystems’ platform to support OMC’s field service operations. OMC is the world leader in orchard harvesting equipment, using its patented Shakermaker machines to harvest fruits and nuts for worldwide distribution.

OMC was created from a dire need to automate the extreme labor required to pick fruits and nuts by hand. As OMC’s Shakermaker deployments and operations expanded, it ran into similar obstacles of suboptimal field service productivity. During rotating shifts from early mornings to late nights, OMC’s field service technicians would fill out paperwork to document service projects and request additional parts. However, the paperwork would typically take up to three days to process, which was often too late to restock the field service technicians’ trucks before the next appointment.

OMC turned to Coresystems to automate and accelerate its field service operations, and thus improve productivity for its traveling technicians. Coresystems’ platform provides OMC with a manufacturing and enterprise resourcing planning (MRP/ERP) solution to make time-intensive paperwork obsolete, fully incorporating existing field service processes into mobile phone and tablet devices. With the mobile platform, OMC’s technicians input project updates and part requests in real-time. This not only streamlines inventory management for OMC’s in-office service managers, enabling them to focus on customer service within the shop, but it also provides OMC’s upper management valuable insights of number of service calls fulfilled, most profitable customer integrations, and more.

“Previously, OMC’s field service operations revolved heavily around paperwork – and the rate at which we were able to process it. Between manually inputting paperwork and waiting for requests for restocked parts, our field service operations ended up being an all-hands-on-deck effort,” said Brian Kaufman, Parts Manager, Orchard Machinery Corporation.

With Coresystems, we are able to automate and streamline our field service processes, optimizing our in-field technicians’ workdays and freeing up in-office service managers to focus on driving business goals elsewhere. We are now much better equipped to ensure the thousands of deployed Shakermaker machines are in prime condition to produce bountiful harvest seasons worldwide.

OMC selected Coresystems for the customization capabilities of its platform, as well as its ability to address OMC’s needs that are highly specific to the agricultural industry. OMC’s ERP systems use unique terminology, to which Coresystems can translate generic field service descriptions for various assets.

“While the agriculture industry is built upon a history of physical, manual labor, innovators such as OMC are discovering new methods of automating and accelerating the industry – but they require the back-end infrastructure to enable them to do so,” said Manuel Grenacher, CEO of Coresystems. “By offering OMC a paperless, mobile solution, Coresystems addresses the specific needs of harvesting operations and elevates them to the real-time pace of technology today.”

OMC plans to expand the Coresystems implementation to additional service centers, extending the reach of its field service offerings. OMC also envisions incorporating third-party integration with customers and dealers to further streamline inventory management, sales orders and requests for parts.

About Coresystems FSM AG

Coresystems is a leading provider of cloud-based field service and workforce management software for mid-sized and large enterprises' field service organizations. Since Coresystems' founding in 2006, more than 190,000 users across the world have utilized the company's innovative, real-time field service management software to improve their business and field service processes. Coresystems has also pioneered the "crowd service" model, which allows customers to leverage an Uber-like platform to find available field service technicians in real-time. Coresystems is now part of SAP.

About Orchard Machinery Corporation

Orchard Machinery Corporation (OMC) is the world leader in orchard harvesting equipment. OMC was formed in 1961, producing hydraulic tree shakers to enable a more efficient prune harvest. Today, OMC offers a full line of patented orchard harvesting solutions, from tree shakers to material handling systems to transportation products along with offering unparalleled service and support in the industry. OMC is headquartered in Yuba City, California, and has shipped more than 5,000 machines worldwide to Australia, South America, and across the United States.

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