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Engineers and Technicians Want Access to Digitalization

Engineers and Technicians Want Access to Digitalization

Day in and day out, field service technicians are onsite with customers performing maintenance, making repairs, and finding solutions. That makes them veritable experts when it comes to pinpointing measures and tools for streamlining field service processes. In fact, these days it is more often service teams driving the switch to digital solutions than management. Of course they understand how digitalized processes can provide valuable access to data, knowledge, resources and more.

However, the real draw to digital solutions is quite simple: digital is everywhere! And it is not just your engineers and technicians who have gotten accustomed to having everything at their fingertips. Your customers have, too.

Meeting customer expectations

In a matter of just a few years, the ages of digitalization, IoT, and artificial intelligence have all intersected and propelled each other forward at unprecedented speed. What does that mean for your customers and your service teams? Everyone expects access: to data, to tools, to information, to each other. Field service technicians should not simply be able to repair a problem. They should also be equipped with extensive customer, product, and solution data. They should be able to upsell and cross-sell new products and service packages. They should be able to finish the job by collecting a customer signature and submitting a report to the back office. That is why so many service workers are demanding a proper field service solution that lets them stay online and connected from start to finish of a service request.

Our Social Lives Have Become Our Benchmark

So many of us rely on messaging apps to communicate. Even my grandmother ditched analog paper birthday greetings for the much hipper and modern WhatsApp gif. It’s hardly surprising that customers and field service employees are rejecting the paper trail. And now, with messaging apps like WhatsApp rolling out business applications intended to improve customer correspondence, this mode of easily accessible, direct, and immediate contact will become even more integrated into our lives. And more mainstream and expected! There is no reason to continue spending hours updating Excel lists, filing away invoices and reports, lugging binders to customer appointments. There are ample, user-friendly digital solutions that cater to all industries. Give your customers and field service personnel what they want!

Catch up with Connected Devices

The next generation of machines and devices are keeping up with the times. More and more frequently, they are equipped with sensors and connected to an IoT platform. This allows them to continuously store and transmit vital data pertaining to a device’s functionality, efficiency, and potential issues. This opens up a whole new way of providing maintenance and service. Predictively. And with the right field service management tools, you can ensure that you have the manpower, inventory, knowledge, and digital processes in place to fix problems before they occur. Respond in real-time thanks to IoT connectivity and artificially-intelligent scheduling and resource management. Address problems remotely or with offsite expertise using augmented reality applications and devices.

Revolutionize your field services. The age of intelligent devices requires new and innovative intelligent solutions!

Lay the Groundwork for New Digitalized Employment Models

Thanks to Uber, the crowd service business model has gained worldwide acclaim and recognition. This crowd service business strategy can not only be applied to field services, it is also an ideal approach. By creating a crowd of qualified service technicians, you not only ensure you have a ready source of experts to respond to service requests, you also empower service technicians. They are able to use and, more importantly, build on their skillset with various contractors. And who doesn’t want to be their own boss?

How do we get started?
This all sounds like a great plan for increasing employee and customer satisfaction, streamlining business processes, and staying in the game as everything goes digital. But how can you get started? It is key that you take the proper steps and in a logical order. Having an excellent field service solution without any data does little to empower your field service team. So your first step should be giving your technicians and engineers access to your ERP system. To learn more about how giving your employees access to this vital trove of information can up revenues, speed up routine processes, improve products, and satisfy customers, read our white paper: 

White Paper 5 Reasons Why You Should Give Field Engineers Access to The Company ERP System

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