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Field Service Automation: A World Without Paper

Field Service Automation: A World Without Paper

Physical books, cash, and plane tickets have already been replaced with e-readers, credit cards, and scannable QR codes. In schools, kids use laptops and tablets to take notes and complete assignments and tests. And certain cafés and shops email receipts to customers. We’ve already taken baby steps towards a paperless society, so what if paper was ultimately removed from our world?

In the U.S. alone, 69 million tons of paper is used every year. Only 50% of this paper is recycled, and the rest ends up cluttering landfills.

In 2011, paper use in certain sectors was anticipated to decline up to 21% by 2015. And while many media outlets have foregone printed newspapers and magazines for digital versions, other sectors haven’t necessarily followed suit. Still, the paper industry has experienced a 5% loss in office- and writing- paper revenue.

Aside from being better for the environment, here are some reasons why going paperless in field service is a smart move:

Benefits for Field Service Clients and Techs

Before field service automation came along, field service technicians had to carry around lots of paper. There were paper reports that had to be signed. Paper invoices that had to be mailed. Paper surveys to be filled out. Field service software eliminates the need for paper for all of these documents. Clients can sign off on service work on the tech’s mobile device. Service reports and invoices can be emailed. And surveys can be taken on-site to allow customers to give feedback on the service they received.

Save Time

There’s no longer a need to have someone in the back office transcribe and do data entry for each completed service appointment. There’s also no need for clients or the back office to file away hundreds or thousands of paper documents relating to service calls. Because some techs either lose paperwork or have hard-to-read handwriting, dealing with paper can often slow down a business. Workforce management software allows both your clients and your employees to save time.

Be Better Organized

When techs can enter in information automatically on-site by completing guided checklists, taking photos, and annotating photos of broken parts and machinery, a large part of their old workload is automated. Not only that, the data and information they’ve gathered is organized in an easy-to-access app that lets technicians collaborate on jobs, and lets the back office get the information they need to complete administrative tasks.

Invoice Automation

Thanks to field service software, companies can invoice much quicker and easier. This means that with invoice automation field service companies will be paid by clients faster. There will no longer be a reason to have disputes with customers about invoices that were lost in the post or about the work completed. Speeding up the invoicing process means more cash in the bank, which you can use for investment in your business.


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