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Field Service Companies Should Stop Thinking a Smartphone Is a Phone

Field Service Companies Should Stop Thinking a Smartphone Is a Phone

The past twenty years have seen rapid advancements in the development of mobile technology. Long gone are the days when cell phones merely served as a convenient substitute for landlines. Nowadays they manage our lives. But why hasn’t every field service company jumped on the mobile bandwagon?

Smartphones are the first things most of us reach for in the morning, and the last things we set down at night. They facilitate our routines. They get us from A to B. They know more about us than we know about ourselves.

Given the cell phone’s integral role in our day-to day activities, it is surprising that more companies offering field services have not yet integrated mobile technology into their business models. Surely a gadget as ubiquitous as the cell phone – connecting people and devices, providing access to endless information and entertainment, keeping track of our wants and needs – is a vital tool for providing more effective service.

Everything to gain

And there is so much to gain from offering streamlined and efficient services. First and foremost, happy customers and employees. Implementing mobile field services facilitates real-time response rates. That means less time waiting around for the next service call or available technician. Less time waiting directly translates to higher revenue as technicians are able to respond to more clients. And by making use of technology that everyone already has, the cost of creating integrated networking hardware is diminished. All you need is the right interface catered to your specific needs. A research paper from Aberdeen shows that leading field service organizations are 25% more likely to enable real-time communication through mobile devices.

With all of these in mind, why hasn’t everyone jumped on the mobile bandwagon? The problem is not knowing where to begin. Companies hoping to make use of mobile field services need to evaluate their goals and their current situation. They need an in-depth understanding of their clients’ needs. And, most importantly, they need a partner with ample experience and flexible solutions.

Leave it to the experts

The right partner can help you limit operational risks by facilitating the provision of real-time and predictive repairs. Teaming up with experienced professionals will give you access to a broad network of expert technicians with extensive cross-sectional knowledge and the right tools, which will maximize your rate of first-time fixes. Finding a service provider that is an expert at implementing mobile solutions will help your employees and customers get and stay connected until the job is done.

With the right partner to steer the transition, you will be well on your way to optimizing your business solutions, bolstering client support and improving employee relations. 

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