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Five Tips for Attracting and Holding on to Millennial Consumers

Five Tips for Attracting and Holding on to Millennial Consumers

Millennials are an enigma. Or at least so they seem to be to the many companies trying to court them and gain access to this valuable market segment. They value convenience more than brand loyalty. They are online instead of in brick-and-mortar stores. They are eco-conscious, social media driven, and tech savvy. And as they get older, their purchasing power and influence is increasing. That is why it is crucial to win them over and keep them satisfied! Here are some tips on how to attract and hold on to the millennial consumer.

1. Quality over quantity

Millennials have garnered a positive reputation as social do-gooders. They are inclined to opt for products that are sustainable, ecological, and fairly sourced and traded. They want to feel good about their purchases. This not only means they are willing to spend more money on quality products, it also means they tend to purchase items that can be serviced and repaired rather than binned and replaced. This is excellent news for service providers! As companies try to woo millennials, they will shift towards providing high-quality, lasting products. Field service technicians providing maintenance and repair will become a crucial part of this constellation.

2. DIY Service

Millennials have basically grown up texting and instant messaging. This is a generation that is more than happy to eschew a service phone call in favor of simple do-it-yourself tools for solving problems. Instead of offering them telephone support and consultations, draw them in with self-service tools like chatbots and messaging services. This not only appeals to their preferred mode of communication, it also empowers them to tackle issues whenever and wherever. Even on the go from their smartphones! And that is something that is definitely alluring to mobile millennials.

3. Clever UX

Millennials are a post digital revolution generation. Digitalization was in full swing as they were coming of age so they have high expectations when it comes to technological solutions. For all the tech trailblazers, this is the generation that is going to be curious and more receptive to new technologies like Smartphone payments, Fintech, and wearable tech. However, they are also less likely to be impressed by these new innovations and more likely to be annoyed by any glitches. So invest in your UX! Make sure the user experience is simple, logical, and bug-free! Any obstacles are likely to deter millennials from coming back for more and recommending your product and services to their family, friends, and acquaintances.

4. Socially accessible 

Millennials are incredibly active on social media. And they are 13 percent more likely to discuss their purchases, make recommendations, and even seek out new brands on social media channels. However, it is not enough for your company to have a social media presence. It is essential for you to engage with your target audience across all your communication channels. This might be in the a fun way like offers, interactive social media campaigns, the hiring of social media influencers. You should, however, also invest just as much time and energy into listening to your customers problems and concerns, responding to their complaints, and addressing their concerns. Heading to millennial online meeting venues is not enough. You also need to interact with them!

5. Safety first

We’ve already established that millennials are tech savvy and receptive to new innovations. However, this does not mean that they don’t value security. In fact, studies show that millennials are reluctant to integrate IoT devices into their lives because of concerns over data security. That is why you need to show your millennial customers that security is one of your main priorities. Be transparent about the way you collect, use, and share any data that you might acquire. Building trust will be key as more and more products and services rely on accumulated data to operate.

At the end of the day, millennials are no scarier or more challenging than any other consumers. Just like Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, they have a unique set of interests, expectations and demands when it comes to the products they consume. Your responsibility is to discern what those are and cater to your target market. Remember, as a field service company in the age of digitalization and transformation, digital processes are an essential key for meeting the expectations of the digital consumer. Hopefully these tips will help you get started!

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