08th March 2017: 40 years ago today, the United Nations called on all its member states to recognize March 8th as the UN Day for Women’s Rights. What had started out in the early 1900s as a number of small revolutions in Europe, the United States and Russia, had led to major changes for women in the socioeconomic and political landscape. Among the rights women were fighting for were the right to vote, the right to receive vocational training and the right to work.

Flash forward to March 8th 2017. Women are not only voting. They are effecting policy through their roles as government ministers, judges and world leaders. Women are not only working. They are founding and running multinational conglomerates. Women are not only receiving advanced educations. They are thriving in fields traditionally seen as male.

Brilliant minds come in all genders. As our lives become more and more dependent on machines and devices that rely on artificial intelligence, the importance of having as many clever and creative heads working together towards tech solutions is key. Highly qualified and imaginative software developers can turn a good product into a great one. Skilled and resourceful service technicians can look at a problem and see a solution. But we still need to focus on investing the resources in the people who can turn them into the next greatest innovation.

Though we believe women should be recognized every day for their contribution, we would like to take today to honor all the women shaping the future of technology. We would like to give a special shout out to all the women across the world who are pushing forward the digital transformation. Women have proven time and again that they are just as capable, intelligent, intuitive and driven to steer technology and our future forward.

Thank you to the girls who code for reminding us that neither biology nor stereotypes can get in the way of a woman with a mission. We invite you all to take a moment today to remind the important ladies in your life that women have been and will continue shaping the world. Be the empowering voice for your daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends and mothers. Today and every day!


And here a personal message from the men at Coresystems to all our female colleagues: Thank you for being with us! #BeBoldForChange #GirlsWhoCode


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