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How Mobile Devices Improve Customer Satisfaction in Field Service

How Mobile Devices Improve Customer Satisfaction in Field Service

Across all industries, firms are finding ways to utilize mobile devices--restaurants and retail stores are using them in place of cash registers, doctors offices are using them for patient check-ins, and truck drivers are  using them for GPS. These devices improve communication, streamline company processes, and reduce overall operational costs. However, these devices do more than just save your company a little money, they also significantly enhance the customer experience.

Reduced Customer Wait Time

Tablets and smartphones drastically improve communication with the field. Just received another work order? No need to wait for your reps to return from the field. With tablets and smartphones, your field service reps can receive alerts instantly when a work order is made or updated. Better communication leads to faster response times, which means that your customers spend much less time waiting for your reps.

Real-time Communication and GPS

Customers hate being told their field service rep will show up “between noon and five.” After all, who wants to spend all day waiting for a technician to show up? Equip your reps with the latest tablets or smartphones, and their devices’ location services will enable them to give your customers more accurate departure and arrival times. Additionally, real-time communication with your reps allows you to assign work orders to reps based on their proximity to the customer. Your customers will appreciate not having to wait around all day, and will be very impressed with your reps’ lightning-fast response times.

Better On-Site Service

When customers cancel or make changes to their work orders, traditional field service methods don’t always allow that information to reach your reps in time. The result? Your reps show up to their customer’s not knowing what the customer wants. With smartphones and tablets, your reps will be notified if and when changes are made to a work order, or if a work order is cancelled, so customers and reps are always on the same page. Your reps will also be able to provide their customers with accurate, instant invoices, and capture the customer’s signature digitally. This all makes for a more seamless, professional, and enjoyable customer experience.

Instant Access to Important Information

It looks really bad if a customer has a question that your field rep is unable to answer, and it can be extremely frustrating for both your employee and your customer when a rep has to leave in order to obtain necessary information for the customer. Equip your reps with tablets and/or smartphones, and they’ll have access to loads of vital information right at their fingertips. Your reps will have access to their parts inventory, warranty information, and technical documents, allowing them to resolve just about any issue on-site. This leads to a higher first-time fix rate, and satisfied customers.

This guest post is courtesy of Jeffrey Mortensen, Content Manager for DataXoom. DataXoom is a business-only wireless service which provides simple and flexible 4G and LTE data services to business customers in the United States.


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