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How One Packaging Supplier Connected Field Service Workers and the Back Office

How One Packaging Supplier Connected Field Service Workers and the Back Office

VGS supplies its customers with quality packaging products for fresh fruits and vegetables. When the company wanted to compete in the ever-changing produce market, they needed a way to integrate their business processes so that everything could run more smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, they wanted a way to make customers happier and improve customer satisfaction. In order to do this, VGS automated and digitized their field service.

Improved Processes

With all the steps it takes from the time an order comes in until the job is completed and the invoice is paid, VGS wanted more transparency in their work flow. And their field service technicians needed to be connected to the back office and its ERP, SAP Business One.

Since they already had SAP Business One and the Coresuite Country Package, it was easy for VGS to incorporate Coresystems Field Service Software. VGS can now grow its business thanks to more efficient processes that were integrated with and improved by Coresystems Field Service Software.

Better Teamwork and Collaboration

With Coresystems mobile app, field service technicians and back office workers are in constant contact and connected to the same system. No matter whether they’re in the field or not, both sides of VGS’ business can be on the same page. This has helped VGS teams of 29 field service workers provide better customer service.

“There is less human error and fewer customer service issues,” says Lisa Erling, CFO of VGS. “It’s a whole new business.”

In fact, the company has seen an 80% reduction in ERP data entry errors, since implementing field service automation.

More Work Flow Transparency

Along with connecting the field and the back office, having a transparent work flow was important to VGS. One of the great things about mobile field service software is that field techs are empowered by having all the information they need about the business and equipment at hand thanks to cloud synchronization. They can complete tasks such as ordering parts or invoicing on the spot, therefore ticking these tasks off their checklists without having to wait until they get back to the office. This transparency helps the back office staff too since they will already know what’s been ordered.

VGS can move into the future knowing their business is running as efficiently as possible and that their business processes are fine-tuned to keep customers happy.

For more information on how VGS uses Coresystems Field Service Software to improve workflow and customer service, read our full VGS Case Study.


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