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Build a Friendship with Your Customers Using a Field Service Solution

Build a Friendship with Your Customers Using a Field Service Solution

You probably have all kinds of reasons for picking friends. Maybe that person likes the same color as you, or you both like the same music, or you both hate broccoli. Whether or not you share the same likes and dislikes as your friends, the value you provide each other is what helps your friendship grow and makes you stay friends.

Building a friendship with your customers is not that different than doing so with regular people, and field service software helps you do that in a few, smart ways.

Learn Your Customer’s Goals and How Field Service Automation Can Help

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Do they need a better way to send and track invoices? Do they need to collect data on how their machines are performing so they can reach a higher performance quota? Knowing what your customers are lacking, and understanding the specific way a field service solution can help fill that void, shows that you care about the success of your customer’s business.

Create an Enjoyable Customer Experience

Loyal customers are created by great customer experiences. The beauty of field service software is that it allows techs to keep detailed notes and data on customers and their machines. This wealth of information available on a mobile device allows techs to be able to know and anticipate customer needs and provide preventative maintenance. Because techs are empowered by this data and customer knowledge, they can be more confident and friendly while on-site with customers, and therefore provide a great customer experience.  

Risk Standing Out from the Crowd

When choosing friends in school, the people who stood out were the ones that caught your eye for something that was different about them. Whether it was their choice of clothing, a weird haircut, or the unique way they spoke, that made you decide to befriend them. Offering a field service solution to your customers, automatically makes you stand out from the crowd. Field service automation provides a sleeker, smoother way of doing business and completing service calls rather than using old, paper-based systems. Mobile workforce management is an attractive and cutting-edge solution for field service customers, and they can’t help but take notice.

Be Dependable by Providing Reliable Service

Nobody likes a flaky friend. Field service software allows your business to have excellent follow through. Given that mobile field service software lets your techs see parts inventory or previous repairs done by other technicians, and techs must go through specialized checklists to complete jobs properly, first-time fix rates often go up using the software. Also, thanks to GPS capabilities, dispatchers can assign available technicians with the skills and specialties required to complete certain tasks. They can also help navigate techs to job sites so they get there at the stated arrival time. With all of these advantages, customers who experience this type of field service will know that your company is reliable enough to be called whenever there is a problem.

Maintain Brand Awareness

Just like you shouldn’t only speak to your friends when you want something from them, it’s not necessarily the best policy to only visit customers when there’s a serious problem. For example, if you sell complex machinery, your company can offer ongoing field service support or specials to customers who have purchased that machinery. Using field service software’s predictive maintenance capabilities, you can be helpful while also staying in touch with customers and being on their radar.

Keep Up Communication

In any relationship, communication is key. Listening to your customers by getting feedback is one way to keep communication going. When a job is completed, customers can provide ratings on how much or how little they enjoyed the service experience using mobile field service software. When you review that feedback and respond accordingly, your business can build trust with customers, which is also key to any relationship. Additionally, the fact that field service software allows you to be transparent with customers about what work was completed, what parts were used, how many hours the job took to complete, and what their bill will look like, also allows you to build even more trust, and make that friendship stronger.


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