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Convince Your Colleagues to Buy A Field Service Automation Software

Convince Your Colleagues to Buy A Field Service Automation Software

Automating your service processes is key to your business, if you want to be ahead of competition and deliver great customer service. However, as in any organization or business there are internal politics. Remember how congressman Francis Underwood argued his way up from majority whip to President of the United States in the TV series House of Cards? You can do the same. Whether it is your CEO, technical engineers or the sales team – in order to bring change to your business, you need to convince your colleagues, who have different interests. Consider our tips to make a good argument!

Field Service Automation is Money Worth Spending 

Buying a field service automation software can be compared to buying a new high-tech TV. You don’t simply invest money in the device, but also your time in figuring out how to make the most out of all features. The same applies to field service automation: In addition to investing in software licenses, you need a project team to handle implementation and train staff on how to use the software.

Showing that service automation will have high returns on investment will bring your CFO on board. Explain how a field service solution increases productivity by optimizing dispatching of engineers, routing and scheduling of service jobs. Allocating staff with the appropriate knowledge to the correct service job becomes as easy as drag and drop. Efficient management of parts will further help to increase first-time fix rates. Not to mention that the billing process is automated once a service job is completed. Andreas Heinz, head of IT at Kardax Remstar for example notes:

“For more than half of our customer service jobs, we have already managed to shorten the time from service provision to billing from several weeks to an average of six days”. This means more cash in the bank for your business.

Facilitating Life of Field Service Technicians

Field service automation is not just about returns on investment, reduction of costs or increase in cash flow. Digitizing your service processes will also facilitate your employees’ lives. Engineers have all possible information at their fingertips, whether it is inventory, the history of a machine or a customer’s address. Instead of filling out papers, service employees can work on a tablet or smartphone and don’t need to call back office in order to reach a service location or complete a job. This again reduces errors, because all the information is registered directly on site and is available digitally. Working for an innovative company that allows employees to bring their own devices to work or equips them with the latest smartphones, can furthermore improve employee satisfaction. Collaboration between engineers also becomes easier, which again helps teambuilding. Every field service employee knows exactly, which part of the job has already been completed. That way, misunderstandings between team members can easily be avoided.

Capturing and Analyzing Data Will Benefit Your Business

The best way to convince your CEO to buy a field service automation software is to show how it can overall benefit your business. A great advantage of field service automation software is the ability to gather and analyze data on your organization. For example you can analyze the average time an engineer needs to complete a service call or you can directly view customer feedback. This helps CEOs to make decisions based on actual data. It can further influence your product development: If most of your service calls are about a particular part of a machine, than you might want to work together with manufacturing in order to improve that part.

Most field service solutions also offer the ability for workers in the field to upsell during or after a service call. Field service technicians interact with the customer on a different level and have high credibility and expertise when it comes to advising on new products and services. Imagine a customer is happy with a service. This customer will be more open to buy additional services than if being contacted by a sales representative. Cross- or upselling will be made easier through field service software, which again will convince your head of sales to invest in such a product. 

Do you have other tips on how to convince your colleagues to invest in field service automation software?


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