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How to Define the Requirements to Find the Right Field Service Solution for Your Business

How to Define the Requirements to Find the Right Field Service Solution for Your Business

Field service has witnessed a rapid revamp in the past ten years. And as the digital transformation progresses, introducing even more innovations like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, predictive maintenance, and real-time service, field service providers are rushing to upgrade their processes, systems, and labor forces. 

This is no longer big news! Many service providers have been carefully, and some not so carefully, making the necessary adjustments to keep pace with all these changes. With measures ranging from employee training to crowd sharing of labor resources to the introduction of software solutions, companies are racing to be perfectly positioned for the next big wave of innovations.

A few weeks ago, we compiled the best steps to take when evaluating your field service software options. Do you already have one or two potential solutions that fit your needs? Then It’s time to talk to the vendor and make sure that the solution covers all your requirements – or find out if the vendor is able to develop further features or functionalities that are essential for your business.

Our experts know that determining your software requirements is probably the most important step towards finding out what will work best. Here’s what they have to say!

The Dos and Donts of determining the requirements to create your best new field service software:

1. DO rely on KISS, but DON’T leave out too many essential details! 

Keep it simple, …! When determining all the features your new software solution should include, you should be as straightforward as possible. However, that doesn’t mean you should substitute simplicity for thoroughness. Make sure you consider all the processes and steps of your business operations that the field service software should facilitate.

2. DO get everyone involved, but Seek breadth before depth

The best field service solution will take into account the needs and demands of everyone using it: from your back office team to your field service technicians to your customers. So sitting down with your top brass managers to make a decision that will only marginally affect them and significantly affect the rest of your team and clientele is NOT the smartest move. Seek the insight and advice of the people who have firsthand experience with current procedures and how they can be improved and streamlined with a digital solution.

To be as comprehensive as possible, you should identify and involve a representative set of stakeholders, conduct interviews, create questionnaires, set up a brainstorming session, account for user observation, lead workshops, study use cases, engage in role playing scenarios, and create prototypes of your ideal solution. All of these methods will provide you with a truly expansive vision of what your needs are!

3. DO consider ALL your requirements, but DON’T forget to prioritize!

Get it all down on paper (or on your screen!). There is no harm, and in fact only good, that can come from brainstorming all the ways your field service software can advance your business. In fact, the more requirements you think of, the easier it will be to narrow down your options. However, be realistic. Prioritize what requirements are essential: the must-haves.

And make a clear distinction about which requirements are non-essential: the nice-to-haves. This will help you establish reasonable demands from your new field service solution. 

4. DO remember goals are not requirements, but DON’T forget requirements are your driver!

Your end goal is not a requirement. Yes, you want to increase your revenues, empower your staff, and increase customer satisfaction. These are all noble objectives! However, knowing your requirements -- that you fully consider and prioritize; that you determine with everyone involved; that are simple but thorough -- will help you achieve your goals.

And that is why it is crucial that precisely these requirements drive your solution, and not the other way around.

Meaning: don’t just choose a solution without knowing your end game. Choose the solution that best matches your requirements. Learn more and read our free White Paper:

White Paper 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Evaluating Field Service Software

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