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How to Find the Best Field Service Solution for Your Business

How to Find the Best Field Service Solution for Your Business

With digital upgrading becoming less of an added bonus and more of a necessity, more and more companies are on the search for the best solutions. This can be particularly tricky in the field services sector where options are innumerable. We’ve compiled the best steps to take when evaluating your field service software options.

1. Set Goals!

Chances are you’re not investing time and money into a field service solution because you’ve got nothing better to do. What are you interested in achieving?

Do you want to streamline your processes and operate more efficiently? Are you hoping to generate more leads? Do you want to save on costs or increase revenue? Are you attempting to integrate your existing ERP and CRM solutions into your business using a field service solution? Or are you hoping to gain some transparency?

In order to determine where you’re headed, you have to assess where you are. Define the status quo! What is your current first-time-fix rate? How high are your customer satisfaction levels? How many emails or telephone calls are needed per service call? Get an overall view of your current business operations so you can determine what solution suits your aims. And don’t forget, it’s not always possible to accomplish everything at once. So set priorities!

2. Adapt Your Business Processes (Where Necessary)!

Now it’s time to make a list of requirements! What’s the right tool for the job? Do you need a Fiat or a Porsche? An in depth analysis of your business processes incorporating insight from everyone involved is key. A new field service solution should not just be a management decision. Taking a theoretical approach risks neglecting crucial elements of standard processes and ending up with a solution that does not work in practice. So sit down together or compile all your notes and make a list of requirements highlighting the must-haves and the nice-to-haves. By taking everyone and all processes affected into consideration, you are more likely to account for all expectations and needs when it comes to your back office staff, field service technicians, customers, suppliers, and the whole ecosystem of your business!.

3. Get Outside Advice!

It’s often easier to view a situation from outside the bubble. Turn to external experts and neutral advisors for advice on what tool might best meet your demands. Turn to analysts or evaluation experts who understand your industry and are familiar with the range of field service solution providers. For example, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant offers comprehensive insight into what solutions are available and best equipped to manage the realignment of business processes with new digital innovations.

4. Get References!

Many field service solution providers offer detailed case studies of their solutions in action. Review these to identify if the solution in question addresses your must-haves and nice-to-haves. Better yet, get in touch with companies using these solutions to hear firsthand about the improvements they’ve experienced since introducing the field service software. What were their must-haves and are they satisfied with the results they’ve seen?

Now that you know how best to prepare yourself and your employees to make this important decision, learn more about the top ten aspects you should evaluate when it comes to picking the best field service solution software in our free white paper:

White Paper 10 Thoughts on Evaluating a Field Service Solution

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