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Increase Trust Between Field Service Organizations and Customers

Increase Trust Between Field Service Organizations and Customers

Trust. It’s a key component to every relationship. Field service organizations should do their best to ensure that there’s a high level of trust between them and their customers because loyalty and longevity come with customer trust. Furthermore, it’s easier and cheaper to retain existing customers than to constantly acquire new customers. In today’s highly competitive market, field service organizations should build solid customer relationships on trust in order to get ahead of the competition. Here are a few of the best ways to increase trust in customer relationships:

Goal-Oriented, Customer-Centric Service

Rather than simply selling software, trust happens when the field service organization becomes the customer’s partner. If the field service software provider understands the goals of the customer and helps them achieve these goals, the customer will trust that the field service company is not merely looking to make a sale, but has their best interests in mind. These interests can include minimizing downtime and increasing the working span of machines. Knowing customer’s interests leads to a greater service experience, quicker implementation, and new revenue streams, meaning a quicker return on investment for your customers.  

Reliable Scheduling

Because service technicians must check in and check out of service calls, dispatchers are able to schedule technicians more reliably. Each workday, technicians are scheduled for jobs in a smartly designed way because dispatchers know how long it takes technicians to complete certain jobs thanks to data collected by field service software. The scheduling information that customers are given is accurate, so they’ll know when techs will arrive to fix equipment, and planning and scheduling are more efficient. Punctual engineers will win over customers’ trust.

Informed Techs

People are more likely to trust the people who they feel know them well. When technicians have complete information about the customer’s history, techs are more confident in their ability to do their jobs and display their expertise. Customers are impressed and more confident in the service, since the company has demonstrated that they know them really well.

Fast Fixes

With field service software, technicians have the correct parts with them when they arrive to do the job, so there is no need for the techs to come back a second time for a follow-up appointment. Field service automation solutions also help ensure that there are no errors during the service, so customers can trust that when they put in a service call their problem will be fixed quickly and correctly.

Transparent Reports

Using field service software is a great way to build trust with customers. The software can generate detailed, transparent reports that allow customers to see exactly what has been done. Then, when invoices come in, customers will know precisely what services, parts, and equipment they are being charged for.


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