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How to Increase Your Sales Using Field Service Software

How to Increase Your Sales Using Field Service Software

If you’ve been looking for new and innovative ways to increase your sales, know that field service software not only benefits your field service technicians. It can have strong effects that help your overall sales and make your sales team happier in the process.

Field Service Techs Can Get to More Jobs

With GPS routing and smarter dispatching, field service software helps technicians fit in at least one additional job per day. Over the weeks and months, these extra completed jobs and increase in productivity add up to more revenue for the company. Techs can also follow dynamic checklists that allow them to do things like follow safety procedures and enter required measurements during the service call. This also keeps them on track and helps them complete their jobs quickly.

Techs Can Upsell Additional Products and Services

Engineers coming to fix a problem are regarded by customers as experts, therefore they have high credibility. Using field service automation software, techs can advise customers and upsell directly during or after their service job. Should a customer need additional service, add-on services, or a system upgrade, technicians can offer the customer a price quote on site. With the customer’s electronic signature approval captured on the field service mobile device, technicians could even be able to complete the additional work right then and there. The orders are then synced back to the ERP system and give the accounting team the ability to create an invoice.

Techs Can Sell Parts Faster

For equipment needs, techs can use field service software to immediately look up inventory located in the warehouse, on their own truck, or even other techs’ trucks. This way they can immediately sell parts to customers that need them.

Techs Can Make Customers Happier

Using field service software, techs have full histories and complete information about the customer and their equipment on hand. Therefore, they can impress customers with their knowledge and expertise. Happy customers make repeat, loyal customers. If you mix technicians equipped with field service software and great customer service skills, you’ll likely have a winning and best-selling combination.

Good Field Service Encourages Recommendations

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to grow a business. With field service management software, your techs become brand ambassadors, and—if great service is provided—your customers become brand evangelists. Customers can spread reviews of the great service they received from your field service technicians to other potential customers via in-person or social channels, helping your sales team acquire new customers by referrals. You can also get instant feedback from customers using a feature that lets customers choose a smiley face that represents how happy they are with the service once they’ve signed off.


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