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Make the Most Out of Your Resources Using Field Service Automation

Make the Most Out of Your Resources Using Field Service Automation

It’s the same with all resources: You don’t want to waste them, whether it’s water, food or electricity. The same applies to your workforce. Especially if you are a small or medium-sized business and you have a limited number of service engineers, you want to plan your resources carefully rather then wasting your engineers’ time. Here is our list of how field service automation software will help you manage your workforce more efficiently.

Field Service Software – A Superpower For More Service Calls  

How does superman know where he needs to be to save a life? – Exactly! He has his superpower, so nothing can stop him. Now imagine field service software to be that kind of superpower empowering your field service workers. It’s not like you need to jump the walls, but directions to the next customer and routes bypassing traffic will help your technicians out in the field to know exactly where to be and be there fast. Does superman check in with an office? – No, he simply goes home as Clark Kent. And so do your field service engineers, because they have saved a customer’s life and made a note on their tablet. This means maximum efficiency and time for more service calls throughout the day.

No More Discussions With Customers Thanks To Fast Invoicing

Everyone has encountered this kind of situation before: You have a plumber in your home to fix something and weeks later you get the invoice. You might start to question, whether the invoice is correct trying to remember all the details of the service call. The same applies to all industries: Especially if you are a big machine manufacturer carrying out maintenance works that take days or weeks, a customer needs instant reporting and fast invoicing to keep track. Your secret superpower – field service software – will help you reduce the time between service call and invoicing. This has a nice side effect: No more discussions with customers on what works have actually been carried out.

Make Your Field Service Staff Become Your Sales Engine 

The great thing about field service technicians is that in the eyes of the customer they have high credibility, because of their expertise. Once they fix a problem, a customer is happy and more open to consultation on other products and services. Field service software empowers your engineers by firstly giving them more time to focus on making a customer happy since administrative tasks are reduced and data on a conducted service can quickly be entered using a mobile device. Secondly, mobile field service applications let your field service staff directly upsell at the customer’s location. This can reduce costs for sales representatives and at the same time unlock new revenue for your business.

More Flexibility Thanks to Real-Time Information

Has any customer ever explained to a plumber what works have been conducted during the plumber’s last visit? If your customer is not an expert in your industry, he or she won’t be able to explain or remember the details of the last service call. This is why real-time information on a customer’s history is needed in order to make the right conclusions, save time and be more flexible to react. Field parts inventory will be visible with one fingertip on the app, which again will skyrocket your first-time fix rates.


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