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How to Reduce Field Service Costs

How to Reduce Field Service Costs

When running a business, the only thing better than making money is saving money. Providing great customer service and workforce management without having to spend a lot of money to do so could be seen as the holy grail of business operations. So why spend money to hire more technicians or standalone resources, when field service management software could be an all-in-one solution that will help you keep costs down while also making customers happy.

Cut Out the Data Entry Middleman

Collecting signatures, filling out invoices, writing report details--all of this had to be done by hand on paper, and then transcribed and entered into the computer once a  field service engineer completed a job and returned to the office. Just think about the costs associated with paying someone to enter all of the data from a day’s worth of service calls? Field service software allows technicians to enter specific measurements using predefined checklists in their mobile field service application on-site. This data feeds into the ERP system, effectively cutting out the middleman and related costs.

Use Smarter Dispatching  

Imagine how many technicians you would need to employ so that customers don't have to wait weeks for an appointment. Now imagine that you have a field service software that dispatches your technicians in a smart and efficient way. Field service software allows dispatchers to change schedules and reassign technicians on-the-go, while mobile devices let technicians keep track of these changes. The data gathered in the field—from how long a job takes to complete to what parts are in stock—will make managing your workforce much easier, and you’ll save money on new hires.

Easily Autogenerate Reports

Manually generating reports can be expensive in time and money. And given that the report is important to your customer, your business can cut costs by using a software solution that autogenerates any kind of sophisticated report using the data that was compiled on-site during the service call.

Plan Gas-Saving Routes

Since techs spend a good amount of time driving to jobs, gas eats up a large chunk of many field service businesses’ budgets. Mark Fleming, Managing Director of Fleming Medical says, “Coresystems Field Service Application allows us to plan the optimal route for them to complete their jobs…and reduces the time spent on driving and the costs for gas.” If the best routes are optimized, technicians can go directly from Customer A to Customer B without having to take detours.

Increase First-Time Fix Rates

The average cost per dispatch is $250, according to research conducted by the Aberdeen Group. So it’s easy to see how the costs of having to do more than one visit to complete a service call can add up over time. Field service software helps your techs avoid second-time visits because techs can see if parts are in-stock or on-site.

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