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How to Use Big Data to Improve Field Service

How to Use Big Data to Improve Field Service

When used actively, big data offers field service companies the chance to have more information about their customers and in-service equipment than they’ve ever had access to before. The sheer amount of available information can seem overwhelming, but with field service management software to synthesize and process the data, this information can lead to increased value for your company. Here’s how:

Optimize Your Business

Big data can help you efficiently deliver services. Even the most commonplace data set could provide insightful analytics that can allow for better optimization of your business. You can track technicians’ first-time fix rates to help understand techs skill strengths and weaknesses, you can keep tabs on service demands within certain organizations or even certain towns so you can hire or allocate more techs to those places, and you can pinpoint KPIs that show you where your business is doing well now, and where it can be improved in the future. Think of big data combined with field service management mobile software that helps you collect data as a not-so-secret weapon that will give your business an advantage over your competitors.

Understand Customers Better

What if you could use data to go beyond the routine field service call? With big data, you can discover customers’ recurring problems and find targeted, specific selling points for add-on products or services that your customer could use. Providing customers with the right suggestion at the right time can increase customer satisfaction and lead to more revenue for your field service company.

Provide Better Customer Service

Think about it. If there was a tool that would allow you to accurately determine your technicians’ arrival times, help with workforce management, establish a smart maintenance schedule, and raise your percentage of first-time fix rates, wouldn’t you want to add that tool to your company’s repertoire? Big data eliminates many field service management challenges and allows you to provide service that will delight your customers. Furthermore, field service management software helps you gather, maintain, and utilize that data productively.

Enable Preventative Service

What if a field service technician could stop a problem before it started? Field service companies can preemptively diagnose and fix issues without having to do a number of service calls thanks to big data. With predictive maintenance, technicians can identify equipment’s potential failures, and in the process, improve the customer’s experience by anticipating service needs in advance.

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