After automating your field service management, employees in the field will quickly see the benefits in their daily routine. Equipped with mobile devices and a field service solution application, they are able to see ERP data, receive detailed instructions during a service job, or send reports while still on-site with the customer. However, real transformation only begins with long-term usage of field service automation software. We have surveyed our customers to find out how happy they are with Coresystems Field Service Software, and what impact it had on their businesses.   

Most Businesses Still Use Paper-Based Systems

It’s surprising, but field service automation is still not the norm for most of the companies we surveyed. Errors in data entry and losses in service revenue are the most common results of a non-automated system, as most service contracts are not locked systematically. Before implementing Coresystems Field Service Software, 78% of Coresystems customers were not using an automated system. Only 22% of our customers had already implemented a field service management software.

Implementation of Field Service Software is Fast

Many businesses are afraid that implementation of a workforce management solution will be a long and capital-intensive process. For instance, they are worried about integrating new software into an existing IT infrastructure or moving their data from a server to the cloud. Our survey shows that these worries are unfounded as 73% of customers thought the implementation process went fast or very fast, with an average implementation time of five and a half months.

Increase in Service Revenue

With companies under pressure to increase service revenue, businesses need to make sure they don’t give out service for free. Service contract management as well as upselling and cross-selling are enabled by field service management software. This means that companies can turn their field service unit from a cost center into a profit center. Overall, customers saw an average increase in service revenue of 19 percentage points. 

Decrease in Field Service Costs

Traditionally, field service has been seen as a cost center that used a lot of resources and money. When using paper-based systems staff members often loose time and money because many tasks like entering data on-site are completed manually. Among the businesses we surveyed 40% have experienced a decrease in field service costs after automating their service processes. On average, customers saw a 12.5 percentage point decrease in field service costs.

Increase in Mobile Productivity

Mobility is not an option anymore; it is a must for businesses entering the digital age. Staff members are already using their own mobile devices to research a location or find the best route to a customer. Why not give staff a toolkit to work from any mobile device they like? The companies we surveyed said they saw an increase of their mobile productivity by 29 percentage points.

Increase in First-Time Fix Rates

Customers today expect more. Unexpected downtime in a highly competitive environment is no longer an option. Customers main pain points are long wait times to schedule appointments and problems that are not fixed the first time. In our survey, we found that businesses were able to increase their first-time fix rates with field service automation software by as much as 25 percentage points.

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

For most companies offering field services, customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator. When customers are happy, they are likely to be loyal and order more products and services. Eventually, you will become an advising partner, rather than a supplier to your customers. We found that 56% of the enterprises surveyed were able to increase their customer satisfaction by using our field service solution. On average our customers saw an increase in customer satisfaction by 19 percentage points.

Customers are Happy with the Coresystems Field Service Software

Overall, 94% of our customers are happy with Coresystems Field Service Software, and consider it the right solution to automate their field service processes. That’s 94% of customers who gave Coresystems an overall good, very good, or excellent rating.

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