As Microsoft updates Windows 10 for the IoT, SAP looks to make building IoT apps simpler, Verizon considers the IoT market for its CAT 1 LTE network, and cities like Manchester, England are poised to become the UK’s first IoT-enabled city, Dubai hosted the 2015 edition of the Internet of Things World Forum on the 6 - 8 of December at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Given that the Smart Dubai initiative launched in 2014, Dubai was a perfect location for the IoT forum. Dubai has been striving to transform itself into a smart city by changing the way people live in the city through implementing strategies for smart life, smart transportation, smart society, smart economy, smart governances, and smart environment.

Distinguished speakers at the IoT forum included a keynote by John Chambers of Cisco on How IoT is Creating New Possibilities. Another keynote came from Doug Davis of Intel, who discussed “IoT and the Next Fifty Years of Moore’s Law” -- Gordon Moore’s hypothesis that the integrated circuit would usher in the era of modern computing--and how the IoT can help solve the biggest modern-day social and business challenges. Davis discussed real cases of IoT being used by Intel in collaboration with Cisco.

On the industrial side, Keith Nosbusch, CEO of Rockwell Automation, discussed “Scalable Industrial IoT Technologies that Enhance the Connected Enterprise,” and Bill Ruh, CEO of GE Digital, talked about “The Industrial Internet and the Power of Service Transformation” and how it is helping business’ experience scale and cost savings from machines connected to the IoT through data sensors.

As the IoT industry environment continues to grow, the keynotes at the IoTWF provided some key takeaways for attendees.

  • According to John Chambers of Cisco, in 10 years, 40% of enterprise companies will no longer exist.
  • Companies should create digital business plans in order to competitively leverage the IoT.
  • Data Security and Optimization is a must for IoT.
  • IoT enables companies to monitor and measure operations so that faster and more informed decisions can be made based on the data collected.
  • For smart healthcare companies, the cost of technology is less of a challenge than the need for policy and behavioral changes.
  • The real value of IoT is in making people happy by finding value from data and analytics, and creating new business models based on this information.  
  • According to Inbar Lasser-Rabb of Cisco, B2B has gotten bigger than B2C in terms of IoT shares.

Aside from keynote speeches, attendees had the opportunity to go on Smart City Experience Tours that showcased proofs of concept for how Dubai has utilized IoT across everyday “smart city” life. Currently, public and private open data sharing is being implemented in the United Arab Emirates, and this transformation was a major theme of IoT World Forum 2015.

There was also a hackathon where participants could develop ideas with each other and take part in a coding competition and a learning session.

The Research and Innovation Symposium saw leading technology researchers discussing the new opportunities that IoT is opening up, but also the challenges of gaining business value and making data collection actionable in an intelligent way.

A startup showcase highlighted up and coming IoT startups such as Foghorn and Waygum, and demonstrated how their innovations, solutions, and services work.

Sponsored by 3M and Schneider Electric among others, the Internet of Things World Forum takes place once a year in different cities around the globe.


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