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Knowledge Management: A Must-Have in Field Service

Knowledge Management: A Must-Have in Field Service

Sharing is caring! This is no less true when it comes to valuable insight, expertise, and knowledge. The transition from analog to digital in the field service sector has unearthed immense potential for improved efficiency, speed, profit margins, and service. However, digitalization has also come with a measure of uncertainty thanks to rapidly transforming technology and more and more new innovations and unique business models. Providing comprehensive access to valuable know-how obtained in the field or outlined in company manuals and training materials is not only empowering to field service technicians, it also ensures an overall improved customer experience, standardized service, more first-time fixes, and an overall increase in productivity and drop in service costs.

Why knowledge management?

Gartner defines knowledge management as “the formalized management of intellectual assets, enabling effective action through their use… which promotes a collaborative and integrative approach to the creation, capture, organization, and use of intellectual assets”. Our SAP Smartforms and Feedback feature was precisely designed with collaboration and integration in mind.

Imagine this common scenario: Your successful field service business has decided to capitalize on all the benefits and advantages of digitalized processes. As you transition from analog to digital business procedures, your service technicians find themselves unable to perform once familiar tasks because of new unfamiliar tools. Thanks to our SAP Smartforms and Feedback feature, your field service technicians can easily upload product manuals, checklists, video tutorials, and other knowledge sources online and offline.

Or this scenario: Your highly-trained and qualified experts and specialists are all nearing retirement age. With their departure, goes their knowledge as well. A tool like the SAP Smartforms and Feedback feature facilitates the capture, storage, and distribution of their valuable expertise across your entire company.

What knowledge management tools actually offer

Access to a pool of acquired business and industry knowledge is especially important for field service workers. First of all, because they are often on their own in the field and, as such, have only themselves and whatever information they can access to rely on. Secondly, they are the face of the company for customers who otherwise have limited contact with other customer representatives. That means how well they perform will reflect strongly on your company’s reputation. The SAP Smartforms and Feedback feature took all of this into account when designing its tools:


Relying on a checklist, which outlines the proven and best plan of action not only improves the productivity and efficiency of field service technicians, it also ensures conformity and compliance with recognized international standards, like EHS, and guarantees that processes are standardized across the board. This means that all your customers receive the same level of quality and service regardless of the level of experience and expertise of your service provider.


Not only does the SAP Smartforms and Feedback feature facilitate field service work with checklists, it goes one step further by letting you personally design checklists with a user-friendly drag-and-drop tool. That means the information listed can be elaborated on with real-life, on-site experiences, data, and information that is automatically updated as it is added. They can also include detailed information about the tools and parts necessary for the task at hand. This means that service technicians are optimally prepared both in terms of knowledge and equipment.


The SAP Smartforms and Feedback feature allows you to integrate your ERP and CRM tools. This connection between key business tools provides your service technicians with access to the same information as your back-office team while they are on site with customers. This means, for example, that they have a complete overview of a customer’s history, previous product issues, and all the necessary handbooks, guidelines, SLAs, and more. And all of this adds up to a higher first-time-fix rate and more efficient customer service.

Back-office Alerts

Integration with your CRM makes it possible for field service technicians to provide increased customer insight and overview to back-office employees. With shared access to information like follow-up visits, device models, upgrades and more, field service workers and back-end representatives can work together to increase cross-selling and upselling initiatives.

With company profiles shifting from analog to digtal and experienced workers hitting retirement age, knowledge management is not only beneficial but also invaluable to maintaining a consistent level of service. Years of experience and know-how is only truly advantageous if it can be shared. Both for the benefit of your company and your customers. To learn more about SAP Smartforms and Feedback, read more about our product features here.

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