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Leading Field Service Software Company Puts Customer First

Leading Field Service Software Company Puts Customer First

SAN FRANCISCO - Aug. 3, 2016 - Press Release -- This week, the long-standing, leading mobile field service software company, Coresystems, re-launched their website along with a newly revamped field service software offering. Highlights of the new mobile service software - version 5.26 - are many. Beside connecting to nearly any ERP or CRM, new it's a standalone platform that can be used on day one, making it especially easier for small companies to get started with workforce management.

"With this release, we are putting the customer in the center of our view. We've focused in on the user experience and the needs of the people who use our software," said Sebastian Ulbert, Chief Marketing Officer at Coresystems. "We're very consumer-centric, and want to meet the needs of the end customer, service dispatchers and technicians who are using the software. During our rebranding, we sought to find and identify problems and challenges they have, and solve them."

Coresystems held a demonstration last week to show off the new software's customizable features including an API to connect third-party apps to the system. Users can build checklists and forms using a web editor that's as easy to use as Google Forms, and can be downloaded and utilized offline. These dynamic checklists have been Coresystems' most successful differentiator from other field service software competitors. Other improved features include:

  • Search, Filter, and Build Checklists that let technicians know step-by-step what tasks to complete and help them stay on track.

  • Widgets can be selected and added into the user interface for a more efficient user experience.  Widgets can be programmed by everyone, which opens the door to unlimited customization possibilities.

  • Full IoT Integration with widgets for Google Nest and Amazon Echo (Alexa Voice Service) allows the smart devices to be connected to a widget that will generate a service call automatically, assign a technician, or let users make appointments without ever having to call in.

  • Business Rules allow an event in the system to trigger an action such as sending an SMS to a customer that includes dynamic data, helping automate your service workflow.

  • Skills Management lets the user filter skills to filter technicians and match requests with technicians who have the rights skills for the job.

Product Announcement Video including Demo:

Coresystems is headquartered in Switzerland with international offices in cities including San Francisco, Miami, Berlin, Freiburg, Shanghai, São Paulo and London. Founded in 2006, Coresystems has provided innovative mobile cloud field service solutions for enterprises of all sizes for the past decade to more than 150.000 delighted user.

To find out more, visit coresystems.net.


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