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This Year, Make Your Customers Your Valentine!

This Year, Make Your Customers Your Valentine!

Lately, it feels as if every company is offering the next best thing. Products are faster, more user-friendly, more accessible, more connected, more efficient. In the age of globalization, with the influx of newer, better, more streamlined services, there is still one surefire way to set yourself apart from the competition. Customer appreciation!

Your customers are not only a valuable source of revenue, they also provide you with essential feedback and input. This Valentine’s Day, show your customers how much they mean to you and how thankful you are for their loyalty and your successful relationship. Here are four ways to make sure your customers know you care:

1. Personal contact

As practical as mass-emailing might be, it is completely impersonal. Take a moment to call your customers or send them personalized and handwritten notes. This will show them that they are more than a name and number for you. If your clients know you care, they will reward you with their loyalty.

You can even take your dedication to personalization one step further like we did at SAP Software Management with our software development workshop. By giving our customers the opportunity to contribute their feedback and experience, not only did we gain valuable insight, we also let our customers know that we care what they think.

2. Free upgrades

Do your customers normally just opt for the usual standard services? Give them a free upgrade this Valentine’s Day! Not only will they be pleased that you are staying informed about their current products and potential improvements, they might also be inclined to come to you for additional services in the future.

3. Get the job done

Make a commitment to take all your customers’ issues seriously. They will be thankful that you recognize the inconveniences and troubles caused by breakdowns or malfunctions and work hard to address them. They will be even more appreciative if you go above and beyond. Perhaps you can offer advice on how to increase productivity. Maybe a little more time spent reviewing issues might result in some fine tuning of business processes or necessary changes. Take the time to consider how you can exceed your customers’ expectations!

4. Do Something Special

Are you a service technician making a house call? Bring a box of cookies for the family, a book for the children, or even dog treats! Are you heading to a factory for a site visit? Take a selfie with your customer, and when you share it, thank them for being great clients! A physical reminder of your visit will ensure that customers think of you the next time they need a new product or services.

Make it your goal to offer the best field services you possibly can. But don’t forget that sometimes the best service you can offer your customers is recognition. Acknowledge their loyalty, their value, and their importance to your business. This Valentine’s Day gift to them, will be your year-end gift to your business!

And finally, a big thank you to all of our customers for choosing us! We look forward to many more successful and inspiring core moments together. We love you, and we hope the feeling is mutual!.

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