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Making Gamification Work for Field Service

Making Gamification Work for Field Service

From Zelda to Super Mario Bros. to Pac-Man, we’re all familiar with games. Many people look at the time they spent playing games with fondness and excitement. So what if those feelings could be brought into field service work?

Gamification is a term used by companies to describe turning day-to-day tasks into games. By doing this, companies help their employees stay motivated and encouraged to collaborate with each other. Gamification makes training and skill development more fun.

So now, though certain routine tasks can become monotonous, with gamification techs can enjoy and look forward to doing them. Gamification also provides positive reinforcement when tasks are completed correctly, essentially rewarding employees with things like badges, trophies, leaderboards, the ability to unlock certain special items, and other reward tokens. These reward incentives keep employees wanting to “play the game.” A bit of competition amongst field service technicians can be healthy and keep them striving to be the best at their jobs.

Here are some ways gamification can help field service businesses:

Creating Engaged Employees

There’s a reason many corporations use team-building games to bring colleagues together. As many field service companies struggle to retain trained employees and attract younger field service workers, gamification is one way to keep existing employees engaged. Because some of what field service engineers do can be long and arduous, making service calls more competitive is one way to spice things up amongst your workforce, and keep them wanting to do more work. Since your employees will be able to see their achievements in comparison to their colleagues, gamification also means creating a sense of appreciation. Whether that means keeping a leaderboard of who has completed the most service calls or who has the highest customer service rating, competition equals engagement for some techs. However, managers should try to discover which technicians best in a competitive environment and which ones do not.

Provide Better Customer Service

Gamification is not only for the internal workplace. Once a job has been completed, techs using field service software can give customers surveys to rate their satisfaction with the work that was done. When the end customer gives this feedback and the feedback is gamified by the field service company through highlighting techs who have earned lots of positive feedback, it heightens the stakes for field service techs to provide great customer service. Since the feedback is digital, with gamification you can use the customer ratings information to reward top-performing techs, even if it’s just with their name on a board in the office that says: Top Tech of the Month. Who doesn’t want that seal of approval from their employer?

An Enjoyable Way to Train Employees

When faced with the task of helping employees change over to new services or mobile workforce management software, gamification can ease this transition. Field service technicians are sometimes resistant to change if they don’t know why certain processes are changing, and how the change will benefit both them and the company. To be a successful field service business, means having a workforce that is properly trained. Using game components such as points, rewards or team participation makes the training process more fun. Teaming new employees with veteran field service techs and having teams compete on client visits is one example of gamification for training. Try gamification and your employees will be reaping rewards in no time.

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