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Milking Cows and Field Service Delivered Through The Cloud

Milking Cows and Field Service Delivered Through The Cloud

What does a dairy farm have to do with cloud computing or field service automation? We spoke to Michael Pedrigi, Business Analyst at DeLaval, about why field service automation is key to the dairy business. 
For those people who have never heard about your company and field service, what does milking cows have to do with cloud computing?

Michael Pedrigi: DeLaval is the world’s largest dairy equipment manufacturer and we have a presence in most countries in the world. In order to serve our customers, we must provide a service on the dairy farm. Historically, this meant that the technician needed to be self-sufficient in all areas of his trade. With today’s technology, the technician can now be supported through a variety of media that makes him more efficient and effective. This includes being able to perform point of sale transactions on the farm. The quicker we can resolve the customer’s issue, the more productive the dairy farm.

What challenges are you encountering in your daily business that influenced you to look for a field service solution? 

Michael Pedrigi: We had a mobile solution with our previous ERP system. That solution was completely offline and it communicated with the main system through a batch processing technique. We needed a ‘real-time’ system in order to maximize our time on the farm and to provide superior service to our customer. 

What were the most important criteria in choosing a field service software?

For us it was important to be able to use the field service solution offline as our field service technicians don't always have access to a wifi connection. Another requirement was the ability to upsell directly on the farm. The data entered in the application should sync to our ERP system, so a cloud-based solution was key. 

How important do you consider field service automation for your business? 

With increasing servitization and digitization, field service automation is not a question anymore. This applies to all businesses that offer services. The right kind of technology can facilitate life for service technicians and help deliver great customer support. 

Did the field service software have an influence on your customers? 

Michael Pedrigi: We fully expect it to have a positive effect for our customers. Once we have implemented the service module, then we should see some dramatic improvements. 

Which major trends do you see in the transformation of the service industry?

Michael Pedrigi: The biggest trend is providing real-time solutions and communications with our customers. 


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