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Preparing Energy Providers Using Field Service Software

Preparing Energy Providers Using Field Service Software

Today, delivering stellar customer service has become more important than ever for power solutions companies. When power solutions companies fail, they fail on a massive scale. In March 2015, Amsterdam and its suburbs were brought to a standstill when a five-hour power outage rocked the city. Incoming flights were diverted and outgoing flights cancelled and stranded. Across the city, traffic gridlocked, trams and metros stalled, and 17 million people were left without power. All of this was caused by an overload at a regional power station and a failed backup system.

For power solutions providers, the challenge is no longer solely about selling and installing the capital equipment they manufacture.

Their customers — the energy companies that provide consumers and businesses with power — are under increasing pressure to deliver perfect service as well. In fact, power providers are not just struggling to meet the escalating service expectations of their customers, but they are doing so in a market where the steady march toward deregulation has opened the door to new competitors.

Consumers are seeking cheaper, cleaner energy, with customer service that rivals the retail sector, while energy producers are seeking to compete by lowering their generation costs, reducing emissions, and mitigating any downtime that will impact their ability to offer a dependable, reliable service. This, of course, is all being done under the watchful eye of regulators, who are using levels of service and customer churn as a metric on which to measure company performance and to determine sanctions or fines.

For power solutions providers, delivering outstanding customer service means ensuring proper maintenance and quick resolution should a breakdown occur. This trend toward what’s being called “servitization” is seen not just as a way to increase customer satisfaction — but as a profit center in its own right.

Implementing a field service solution is a must if power solutions providers are to deliver more responsive, efficient, and profitable service to their energy provider customers. A field service solution helps bring structure, rigor, accountability, and the ability to continuously ensure best practices are followed. The data captured during the entire process can be mined and analyzed to improve products and processes and to suggest opportunities for engineers to upsell additional products or services.

Some of the ways a field service solution can help energy providers:

Optimize the Service Process

Standardized processes based on best practices and locked into checklists allow field engineers to carry out service calls in a uniform manner no matter where they are.

Reduce Response Times and Improve Quality

Improve response times - from the minute a service order comes in to onsite execution — with pre-defined checklists, procedures and planning templates. Reduce reporting time and improve the quality of reports by using standard report templates that are automatically populated.

Reduce Costs and Increase Profits

Reduce costs and wastage by increasing and improving back-office efficiency by reducing administrative work, speeding up work order resolution, and reducing planning and reporting time.

Improve Data Quality

Improving data quality and quality assurance starts with entering the correct data. Offering a limited, selected list of potential answers at the point of entry will improve the data quality, shorten the time needed for data entry and ensure data consistency.

Capture Data for Continuous Improvement and R&D  

Valuable data that your field service technicians capture throughout their maintenance can be fed back to R&D teams for continuous improvement of products and future services.

Increase Visibility to All Stakeholders

Provide access to the same information for all stakeholders, support employees with state of the art tools, strengthen the ambassadorship of employees.

Increase Service Revenues

Give field technicians the tools to monetize their unique upselling capability to extend on-site services. Technicians can instantly produce quotations and seal service orders by capturing a customer’s digital signature.

Satisfy Your Customers

Proactive, transparent, visible field service will satisfy your customers by ensuring their valuable time and production runs reliably and efficiently, letting them satisfy their customers. Our field service automation solution can reduce your paper trail and ensure your customers have all the information they need for documentation and analysis. Happy customers are loyal customers.

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