Emmy Award winning anchor Kym McNicholas talked with Manuel Grenacher, CEO of Coresystems AG, in an interview about trends and innovation around Field Service and how Crowd Service will have a huge impact on it. 

The Future is Collaborative

San Francisco, January, 13th 2017: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzzword of the century. It is the reason our cars, homes and phones keep getting “smarter”. It is making automation more intelligent and human intervention less relevant. That means fewer errors and maximum efficiency. But does reaping the benefits have to mean scaling back on interpersonal connections and social interaction? Some people don’t think so. One of those people is Coresystems CEO, Manuel Grenacher.

During an interview with Emmy Award winning anchor Kym McNicholas on On Innovation, Mr. Grenacher emphasized that AI does not have to be “customer unfriendly”. Companies should be wary of getting dazzled by the possibilities presented by technological advancements only to lose sight of what customers want and need.  One of those things is speaking to other customers about problems and issues. Grenacher’s answer for a harmonious fusion: using clever automation to support these conversations and allow customers to help each other. He calls it collaborative economy.

Next Level Sharing Economy

Here’s a probable scenario. You’re sitting at home on a Saturday morning, and your dishwasher decides to revolt. Twenty guests are scheduled to arrive in the evening for an elaborate dinner party. Multiple courses! You were counting on that dishwasher to get you through the evening. Now it looks like you’ll be spending your evening in the kitchen washing up after the appetizer, the soup, the main course, the dessert...

Not if Grenacher’s vision of the collaborative economy takes hold. A quick swipe on your Smartphone would connect you to a local technician, perhaps your neighbor, who has been vetted, trained and certified to deal with exactly your dishwasher problem. It is next level Uber and airbnb. Experts just a click away. Real-time repairs. Dinner party saved!

Crowd Power

While the next generation of developers is focused on implementing the latest automated bot trend, Coresystems is interested in taking advantage of the best resources we have: each other. And the company is using the latest technology to facilitate the process.

The idea is to use crowdsourcing instead of outsourcing. It is a trend all its own. One that brings people together in need of each other’s skill sets and expertise. People who have specialized know-how can register on the platform to be a technician.  They then become part of a freelance crowd pool that can jump into action when you need help with that dishwasher, or your Internet connection or your cable television. It is revolutionizing field services by making them a personalized experience. Sometimes we need more than commercial off the shelf service. Having access to local technicians who have the time and knowledge to work through problems results in holistic solutions.

Sign me up!

Our business clients also profit from all the advantages of a collaborative economy. Using Coresystems’ software facilitates the process of accumulating a large, diversified and spread out consortium of qualified workers. This crowd service team ensures that companies are always prepared to address customer service needs. That in turn guarantees customer satisfaction and increases revenue. Not having hundreds of technicians on an annual payroll also lowers service costs. It is a win-win-win situation and a motivation for companies looking to streamline costs while improving quality.

Coresystems is already benefitting about 200,000 customers across Europe. If you’re in the United States expect to see improved service, rapid response times and real-time fixes in the very near future. Coming soon to a Smartphone near you!

Listen to the 20' interview now:



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