Using a Flic button, which is a smart wireless button that connects to iOS and Android devices, we tried to demonstrate how to make our Field Service Management (FSM) solution available to a new world of convenient use cases and create real-time service moments. Without extensive technical knowledge, you can quickly complete  the following use cases at the push of a button:

  • Change the technician’s status (e.g. busy, travelling, free etc.)
  • Generate a service call
  • Show work effort & materials used
Technician’s Status Always Up to Date

If your company employs many field workers who must complete simple everyday tasks, you may want to know their status before scheduling them for a service call. It should be easy for field employees to submit their status to a dispatcher even if they only have a cell phone and not a laptop or tablet when they are out in the field.

Imagine the following scenario:

You are running a bike courier company in Manhattan, and you’re looking for an easy solution to submit your couriers’ status to a dispatcher in your office. Your couriers would only need a smartphone and a flic button to do so themselves.

When a courier is available, he simply has to press the flic button once and his status will be transmitted via smartphone to the workforce management app in your office. The dispatcher can now plan and assign a new task to the courier, and the courier will receive the assignment on his phone. Pressing the button twice submits his new status, which is busy, back to the workforce management app.


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Generate a Service Call

What if a big international tire company could sell more of its tires through various truck service companies with just the click of a button.

Or imagine you’re driving along on the highway feeling good, and then bam--your tire blows. With a click of the flic button, you could request a fix instantly.

Technically, the flic button triggers a mobile field service app on the driver's smartphone that automatically sends a service request to a help desk. The new tire is put under the truck, and the happy truck driver is on his way in next to no time. The driver loves this tire brand because they were quick to solve his problem.

A true core service moment.

Record Your Effort

When arriving onsite, a technician usually has to have a look at the time and then start recording how much time he or she spends at that call. In order to do so, technicians have to take out a mobile device (tablet, smartphone), which is not always convenient as they might have dirty hands. 

The flic button used in combination with a mobile field service app is a new way of recording time on a service job. It only takes one click to start the timer and a double click to stop for it to record the time on-site. 

Record Your Materials

Imagine you’re a technician working with 2-3 specific types of material (e.g. toner for printers). You may be busy recording all the consumables in the service app. With the push of a flic button, you now have the possibility to record specific materials instead of opening the app.

How does Flic Button Works with FSM Software?

You will need to create a Zapier account ( and create a “flic“ trigger that you associate with a the “Webhook by Zapier” action app (very easy to do thanks to the intuitive wizard of Zapier). When it comes to the configuration, choose the settings as illustrated in the following screens. When setting the URL, don’t forget to change your account password.

Here are the URL & JSON Object in plain text:

{"businessPartner": "D0C42A083BDC47F3A9452EDF004C69C4", "subject": "Test Flic Button Again", "contact": "333186BC053348FFA6CAAD290B9F523D", "statusCode": "-1", "priority": "LOW"}


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