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Which Famous Soccer Player Are You When Providing Field Services?

Which Famous Soccer Player Are You When Providing Field Services?

With the start of the World Cup, everyone’s taking sides and placing their bets on their favorite teams and players. And just like in field services, their success and the final results will depend on how well team members communicate and work together to be the strongest and best on the field. So in honor of our favorite soccer heroes and this international showcase of skill and strategy, we want to ask you: what soccer star are you?

The Crowd Pleaser

Even someone with scant knowledgeable of soccer can usually pick out their faces. Known for their grandstanding and top scoring Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and France’s Antoine Griezmann have made a name for themselves. They thrill their fans and teammates alike with their ability to get the job done, which in this case means scoring the most amount of goals. Not unlike those service technicians that guarantee customer satisfaction by navigating all the issues and complaints with the help of field service software and successfully carrying out repairs. They, too, are real crowd pleasers!

The Glue that Holds the Team Together

Germany’s Toni Kroos and Brazil’s Neymar are the crucial glue binding their teams. And their teams know these players can be trusted to forge the way forward. Without their perfect orchestration of plays and maneuvers, their teams would lack the cohesion that helps propel them to the top. Just like field service dispatchers who gain an overview of the big picture and set all the balls in motion so that service technicians can really perform to the best of their abilities. They’re the real team players!

The Brains

With an eye on the trophy, the leader of the pack is always 2-3 steps ahead. Germany’s trainer “Jogi” Löw not only has a long-term goal, he always has a plan B at the ready. Based on careful analysis of the statistics, he makes thought-through and split-second decisions to ensure his team is operating at full potential. The same can be said of the Head of Service and Chief Operation Officer who are able to analyze statistics in real-time to optimize processes and operations and ensure that the team is motivated to perform to its utmost potential. That’s brain power!

So who are you?

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