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The Advantages of Field Service Automation for Sales

The Advantages of Field Service Automation for Sales

Q&A with Fabienne Schuler – Sales Manager at Coresystems

Selling and upselling to new and existing customers is critical to keeping business revenue healthy. Some business owners don’t realize that sales reps and field techs can use field service software with SAP Business One (an ERP system) to sell and upsell to their customers. 

We spoke with Fabienne Schuler, who works in sales at Coresystems, to discuss the ways sales teams can benefit from field service automation solutions.

Q: For sales, what are some of the biggest advantages of using field service software? 

Schuler: Using field service software with SAP Business One, the standard app can go-live in days instead of months. There’s no additional infrastructure necessary. You can access company data anytime, anywhere, even offline. There are high security standards for data encryption through SSL. It’s possible to digitize your external and internal sales workforce.

With field service software, you can increase the productivity, power, and speed of your sales workforce. And even better, there are standardized sales procedures included.

Q: What’s the functional scope of field service software?

Schuler: You can create leads and manage business partners, and you can do the same with contacts, as well. Management of sales activities can be done with the software, where you can add attachments and media. And it’s possible to create and maintain opportunities in the pipeline, since there’s a CRM overview of business partners that looks at historic data.

The software is equipped with standard sales dashboards for revenue and analytics. Plus, there’s even the ability to create your own dashboards. On top of all of this, the geo-location of sales employees is available once employees check-in.

Q: Are there any other additional field service software perks that can help sales teams?

Schuler: There are many other perks that can help, from mobile expense tracking to stock information to price information to pricelists. As a manager, you can create permissions for groups of your employees, and define which groups are able to see which data on their device. You can even create quotations and sales orders. And there’s bar code functionality for adding items to quotes and sales orders. It’s possible to collect customer signatures for quotations and sales orders. The sales orders then print out in a standard quotation PDF that has the company logo on it. 

Using the software, sales teams can also keep track of business partner metrics and KPIs of their account balances. They can use checklists for the standardization of CRM and sales processes. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Q: Given all of the perks mentioned, what do you think is the biggest advantage of using field service software for sales? 

Schuler: The main advantage is that with field service software, the implementation is simple and all the relevant data is available – anywhere, anytime!


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