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The Importance of Data Analysis Training in Field Service

The Importance of Data Analysis Training in Field Service

With the rise of Big Data, more and more businesses are searching for ways to use data to improve their profits, build better customer relationships, and become more efficient. And it’s not just specialized workers or high-level executives who want access to the data that’s gathered from customers.

A recent report by Aberdeen Research Group, revealed that professionals in business departments such as marketing, finance, and human resources are curious about data, but many have not been trained to be able to analyze it. Still, they want access to analytics, but need easy-to-use tools to be able to do data analysis.

In field service, mobile workforce software gives engineers access to historical and real-time data about machinery and customers. Field service techs then use that data to provide customers with great, customized and real-time service.

So why should all workers within a business be trained to analyze data?

Faster, Smarter Decision Making

Today, decision makers have less time and more pressure to make critical decisions. In field service, there’s always going to be another call to hurry off to complete, without making the current customer feel shortchanged. This is why having access to an analytical solution such as field service software creates effective decision making. For example, using analytics and searchable data improves customer response times. Easily accessible data helps workers streamline the decision-making process by allowing them to choose selections that are based on analytics. For example, if a tech sees on a data report a machine has been failing every 10 days for the past month, the tech can upsell a newer machine to the customer that won’t have the same problem.

Data is the Foundation for Business Success

Because of technology, processes are rapidly changing throughout many businesses and systems are becoming more complex. Building a solid infrastructure for your business is more important than ever. And to build a strong infrastructure, data is needed. Having a foundation based on data is what will make your company successful in today’s business environment. Data and the ability to analyze it helps you and your employees learn about your business and understand your customers. And the more you understand the customers, the more loyal they will become, therefore increasing your profitability. For example, in field service, if you know a customer is trying to reach certain KPIs, you can offer additional services that will help them reach those goals.

Significant Performance Improvement

It’s important for members of your team to have access to data when they need it and have an easy way to digest that data, such as using field service software. If data is searchable, and you can increase the number of team members who actively use analytics, you’ll be able to see an improved customer response time. Field service representatives who have access to the ERP system are able to resolve problems faster and start to experience a higher first-time fix rate.


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