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The Power of FSM Automation Combined With SAP B1

The Power of FSM Automation Combined With SAP B1

The service and maintenance industry is growing significantly with more than 17% CAGR. If you don’t grow with it, your competition will leave you behind. Many businesses are afraid that implementation of a field service management solution will be a long and capital-intensive process.

But is it really impossible for a small to mid-sized company to find an affordable ERP solution that meets all legal demands and simultaneously runs a fully integrated field service solution that enables them to deliver great service to customers? Is it really impossible for enterprises to have a global standard for their service processes and be independent from the headquarters’ ERP?With the power of field service management (FSM) software combined with SAP Business One, it is possible. It’s also fast, reliable, proven, and even price attractive.

Here is what you gain when combining the two solutions:  

  • Get maximum flexibility for data that has been captured in the field. This will allow you to have a smooth integration with SAP Business One or any other ERP. Users can access data anytime at any place, even offline. Simplify your workflow by entering data once and synchronizing it through the cloud with your backend systems.
  • The approximate ROI occurs in 1.5 years. Through optimization of process flows, administrative resources can be reallocated. Service revenue and margins can be increased through higher productivity. Fleet cost reductions are possible due to the intelligent route planner.
  • The solution including the necessary infrastructure and implementation services can be rented on a yearly basis. The TCO per user is clear and pre-defined.
  • From the customer putting in a service request to you sending an invoice, all of these functions are fully integrated into one package. This package also includes graphical scheduling and dispatching, route planning and knowledge management complete with dynamic checklists. You can record expenses and efforts in real-time, and let the customer sign the service report, which triggers the invoice in your ERP.
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Less paperwork, less re-typing, less data migration, better data quality, faster reaction time, and happier customers.

Are these benefits you were always looking for? It’s possible to find a service provider that can help you with combined SAP B1 and a FSM solution that best fit your business needs.

If you operate worldwide, there are companies that offer a combined solution that is ready to be implemented for localization around the globe. Companies like Coresystems offer multilingual support and your specific needs can be easily customized to fulfill any local legal requirements. If the company you decide to work with has a global presence and a template approach, it’s likely international rollouts are supported, which reduces costs and saves implementation time.

Though you’ve maybe never thought of it, the combined power of FSM software and SAP B1 makes a big impact on your service success.


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