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Think before you act: the best strategy for digital change

Think before you act: the best strategy for digital change

As more and more things become digitized and automated, it is becoming critical for field service companies to update their practices to remain competitive. As a result, many companies are turning to digital solutions to provide an effortless customer service experience. However, making a quick move to digitalize all your process or automate all your service might not be the smartest path forward. The best way to implement any change is with a clear strategy.

Act, don’t react

As mentioned, in our blog on understanding customer wants and desires, providing solutions without considering the full picture tends to backfire. Any important business decisions should be based on insight gleaned from experience and operational data. In other words, know what your customers really want before you decide what to give them.

Ultimately, your customers don’t care if all your processes are now automated and you run a paperless office. For them, the end result is what matters:

Customers want an effortless service experience, quick first-time-fixes, and prepared and knowledgeable service technicians.

If you can manage all this with a fully analog office and several sheets of A4 paper, great! However, as soon as your business processes start to affect the efficiency and quality of your services, your customers start to suffer. That’s when it’s time to act.

That’s what MHI realized.

Observer what isn’t working, and focus on fixing only that MHI started out as a two-man operation in a two-car garage. Your typical startup initiative. As an SME helping companies repair and overhaul their operations, MHI was quick to realize when its own system was no longer working. What was once manageable on paper was rapidly becoming unmanageable. As the number of customers started to increase, the more difficult it became to maintain comprehensive oversight of scheduling, parts, and other administrative tasks.

When assessing the situation, MHI realized it had to become more organized to maintain the level of professionalism its growing customer base demanded. Based on this evaluation, the company determined which processes could be automated, where templates could be implemented, and how technology could make everything more efficient.

The company is now thriving. It has not only managed to improve the efficiency of its processes, it has also managed to improve the preparedness of its workforce. Thanks to the implementation of templates, more members of its team are able to do tasks that only a select few could once perform. Furthermore, large-scale and long-term projects that once overwhelmed the company’s administrative resources are now easily managed using iPads on site and a cloud storage system.

There’s no need to reinvent your company

Companies that react to circumstances instead of taking action based on insight and data often find themselves overwhelmed by all the changes they deem necessary. However, looking at the big picture and really understanding your customers needs and desires will give you a clear idea of what actions you really need to take to improve your business process and the customer service experience.

There’s no need to completely overhaul how your company carries out tasks and performs services. Take informed action to create a positive impact in your service efforts. A little transformation can go a long way!

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