From notable professors to CEOs to research analysts, the field service industry boasts a wide range of highly influential people. These influencers tweet about everything from mobile devices, IoT, remote services, technology, virtual reality customer service, and KPIs. Some attend conferences and events where they live tweet and share what they learn with the world. Still, others use Twitter to spread information they’ve gathered via white papers, blog posts, books, and reports. Boasting dozens of years of experience and knowledge amongst them, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten field service influencers to follow.

1. Elgar Fleisch 

Professor Dr. Elgar Fleisch teaches information and technology management at ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen. A member of the board of directors at Coresystems, he researches applications and the economic impact of mobile computing.

2. Sumair Dutta 

Sumair Dutta is the Chief Customer Officer for The Service Council. Previously, he led Aberdeen’s Customer Experience and Service Management Group. Often attending field service conferences and events, Dutta offers his followers informative quotes and highlights.

3. Martin Hotass 

Martin Hotass is the General Manager of Siemens Professional Education. Since the field service workforce is ageing, Hotass helps educate and nurture young talent, encouraging them to join not only his company, but also the field service industry in general.

4. Mynul Khan  

Mynul Khan is the Founder of Field Nation, a site that connects freelance field service workers with employers. As future work trends shift more and more towards freelancing, Khan aims to stay ahead of the curve. This month, his company acquired freelancer management system Field Solutions.

5. John Caroll 

John Carroll is the CEO of The Service Council, where he helps an international group of service executives strategize via research, data, community, and analaysis of service trends. The Service Council offers events and podcasts to teach service excutives to work smarter, not harder.

6. Andy Neely 

Professor Andy Neely is the Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance, an organization that connects leading businesses such as IBM to universities so they can develop tools and insights for future service solutions. Neely’s focus is on academics and innovation.

7. Sarah Nicastro 

Sarah Nicastro is the Editor-in-Chief of Field Technologies Online. She reports on technology trends and news in the field service sector. Her coverage also includes tips on how to master the customer service experience and improve business revenue and operations.

8. Aly Pinder Jr. 

Aly Pinder Jr. is a Senior Research Analyst at Aberdeen who has written over 50 research reports on field service, making him an authority on the subject matter. As an author and speaker, he tweets about trending current topics in the field service industry including the IoT and wearable tech.

9. Bill Pollock 

Bill Pollock is a Research Analyst and Consultant at Stategies for Growth. Pollock has worked for two of the most important research companies in the service industry, Gartner and Aberdeen, in addition to being a founding partner of The Service Council. Though knowledgable on many topics, his recent tweets center on KPIs and the IoT.

10. Alastair Clifford-Jones 

Alastair Clifford-Jones is the Chief Executive of Leadent Solutions. The company focuses on workforce optimizations helping clients productively manage their field service teams. He supervises a team of expert consultants who have direct experience in field services.


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