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Top 5 Customer Complaints in Field Service

Top 5 Customer Complaints in Field Service

Despite all of the advances that have been made as field service grows and modernizes, companies still must put in the effort to recognize customer frustrations and common service problems that arise during appointments. Though technology has enabled many field service companies to create cost-savings and efficiencies within their businesses, customers are yet to see some of the benefits of these improvements.

Here are the top five field service issues that cause customer complaints.

Failure to Resolve Issue During First-Time Visit

Sometimes a technician arrives to fix a piece of equipment, and finds that a replacement part is needed, but either it’s back at a warehouse or out of stock. This means the tech must leave the customer, and come back at a later time to provide a resolution to the problem.

Many customers would strongly prefer to have their service problem solved correctly the first time. When a return visit is not needed, first-time fix rates tick up for field service businesses, and customers are happier because their problem has been solved quickly and effectively.

Poor Customer Service

A technician who does a great job solving a machinery problem, but barely speaks to the customer is going to potentially cause a complaint.

Negative experiences with unfriendly technicians lower customer satisfaction. Although, technicians are trained well for their technical tasks, some lack the customer service skills to go along with the tech side. In today’s increasingly social and ratings-based world, poor customer service can severely affect a business. Just getting the job done isn’t good enough anymore. Interacting with a friendly field service agent creates a positive customer experience.  

Hidden Service Costs

When a service call is completed and a customer finds out that they have to pay for repair charges that aren’t covered under their existing service contract, those customers may be unhappy, as these costs can be very high. According to a survey conducted by TSC, “cost of service” became a main concern for customers in 2014. Customers facing surprise service costs may feel that they aren’t getting anything more than a standard service visit, and may not understand why they have to pay more. Making costs as transparent as possible is the best solution to this kind of complaint.

Long Waits for Appointments

When a machine breaks, and a customer reaches out to a field service company for help, they don’t expect to have to wait days for a technician. Customers want to receive service as soon as possible, so having a long wait time for an appointment is one of their top frustrations. Field service companies should work on shortening appointment windows and having more self-schedule options to keep customers happy.

No Self-Service Options

For many field service companies, having more transparency with customers would be beneficial to customer satisfaction. Customers want to be able to interact with field service companies via mobile applications or computer-based self-service options. Scheduling appointments and viewing a technician’s status are two tasks customers want to be able to do themselves. Having a self-service solution would improve the customer experience by allowing customers to feel empowered and informed about the service being provided and the status of the service technician.

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