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Top 5 Reasons Customers are Unhappy with Your Field Service

Top 5 Reasons Customers are Unhappy with Your Field Service

In today’s crowded marketplace, it’s hard for companies to stand out. Social media has empowered customers and now companies need to deliver service that lines up with what customers expect. The good thing is that by becoming customer centric, businesses begin to grow and retain existing customers. Putting customer happiness first helps build customer relationships that last, and will make companies more competitive in the future.

Read on to learn the most popular reasons your customers are unhappy with your field service.

Long Waits for an Appointment Time

When a customer makes a service call, they expect to receive help as soon as possible. And as soon as possible, shouldn’t mean weeks later. According to research conducted by Aberdeen Group, having to wait a long time for a service appointment is the second most common reason field service customers complain. Downtime contributes to loss of productive working hours and money for your customers, who are looking for the best value for their money and want to see a return on the capital investment for their purchased equipment.

Late Arrivals

No customer wants to sit and wait for a field service technician to arrive, only to have the technician get to the site later than the originally stated arrival time. GPS-enabled field service mobile software helps solve this problem because dispatchers can provide technicians with the fastest routes to reach the customer. Additionally, by analyzing service call data gathered when technicians check in and out of jobs, dispatchers can estimate the time needed to complete a service call.

Improper Billing

Customers like to anticipate the costs of their servicing bills. That’s why they are unhappy when they receive a bill that’s much more expensive than they’d planned, especially if they don’t understand why. Field service software offers businesses the opportunity to provide customers with detailed invoices and transparent reports. Also, since initial service level agreements can be locked into field service software, companies will know which services included in their agreement are free versus for-pay. Customers appreciate the transparency of knowing exactly what they’re paying in regards to their service calls.

Issues Left Unresolved

First-time fixes are both a customer’s and field service company’s dream. Unresolved issues are a nightmare for customers and are therefore the most common cause of customer unhappiness, according to Aberdeen research. It should always be a field service engineer’s goal to solve the customer’s issue the first time. The best way to ensure that this happens is to give technicians access to field service inventory software and all the customer information history needed to fix the problem, so no follow-up appointments are necessary. With field service management software, techs are happy and empowered to solve issues efficiently the first time they arrive at the customer. Happy techs create happy customers.

Follow-Up Appointment Wait Time

Similar to waiting a long time for an initial appointment, if a field service tech needs to follow up on an issue, the customer does not want to have wait a long time for that follow-up appointment as well. The sooner a tech can follow up, the sooner that customer can have their equipment and business back up and running. Field service call management software can help make dispatching and scheduling appointments much faster and easier by transferring information from the first appointment directly to the back office.

Great field service software combined with great customer service can go a long way to solve all of the problems mentioned. Hotelier Sepp Greil is just one happy customer of Cald’oro, a coffee machine company that implemented Coresystems field service software. Greil said, “The service was rendered much faster and more efficiently and I can only congratulate the company on implementing this solution.”

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