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Understanding the Lingo of the Digital Transformation

Understanding the Lingo of the Digital Transformation

If you work in the field services industry, you’ve probably noticed a surge of changes to processes and operations. Where paper and pen were once the standard, mobile devices and touchscreens have become the norm. Where time-consuming phone calls and extensive coordination were once required to coordinate appointments, artificially-intelligent powered scheduling systems accomplish the same task in seconds. Where problems were solved once they had arisen, digital twins and predictive maintenance have made early detection and resolution a reality.

The digital transformation has redefined how field service providers cater to customer needs and demands by streamlining and optimizing cumbersome practices through digitalization and other novel technologies. And along with all this innovation has emerged a wholly new terminology: the language of digital transformation. Our infographic provides you with concise definitions for all the most important innovations transforming the field service and countless other industries as well as life as we know it.

Brush up on your digital transformation vocabulary and fill in any knowledge gaps. The first step towards digital literacy is understanding the lingo!

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