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Upgrade Your Customers’ Experience

Upgrade Your Customers’ Experience

There are plenty of companies offering field service solutions. And though each one might have its own unique gimmick, the best way to stand apart from the crowd is to provide exceptional customer service. Here are six tips for making sure your customers have an above and beyond service experience.

1. Know Your Customers’ Pain Points and Offer Real Solutions

The key here is knowing your customers! Just because you offer a product or service for a specific purpose, this doesn’t necessarily limit its scope of usability. Products can cater to any number of pain points. Consider my real-life example: I recently ordered online a baby gate. However, my intent was not to prevent a baby from stumbling down the stairs, but to keep my dog out of my kitchen, and more importantly out of the garbage can! The result: an unhappy dog and a three-month marketing campaign featuring all the baby supplies I don’t want or need. Customer understanding fail! Analytics can provide a lot of valuable insight, but that will only get you so far. A deeper understanding of your customers’ needs will help you make sense of why and how they are using your products and services and help you refine your offers.

2. Personalize it!

We all feel the difference between a generic promotion and a personalized message. Your customers will respond more positively to your company and your products if they feel personally engaged. Show your customers you understand and appreciate them as individuals and not just consumers. A quick phone call, text message, or email asking about their latest purchase, how you can improve their experience with your services, or their overall success will help fortify your relationship.

3. There Is NO Appropriate Wait Time

During my first business trip, my company booked me into a five-star business hotel. One I certainly would not have paid for out of pocket! When I arrived, I was blown away by the plush lobby, exquisite architecture, and overall chic atmosphere. What I was not impressed by: the less than stellar check-in experience. All the luxury in the world isn’t worth the tedium of a 20-minute wait for a room key. As a result, my entire impression of my stay was diminished: the room, my breakfast were all tinged with the frustration of a poor service experience. This is avoidable! At prominent hotels and in the field service sector. There is never any reason to keep your customers waiting for a service technician - or on the phone for that matter. Especially if terrible music is involved! Implement automated self-service solutions and empower your customers to solve their own minor issues. And look to a crowd service solution to ensure that you always have a skilled service technician available.

4. Strike a Balance Between Speed and a Personal Touch

Though I pontificated on the importance of personalizing your customer approach, remember that technology can still be your friend. New AI-based and chatbot technologies can substantially accelerate your customer outreach and response times. And your customers are willing to forego some niceties if it means a faster service. In fact, 66% of millenials prefer automated channels for customer service. Finding the right balance between tech applications and tailored service will ensure customer satisfaction with both the product and the packaging!

5. Let Your Customers Do the Promoting

Self-promotion and a great social media strategy are always a good investment! However, there is little more convincing than a word-of-mouth sales pitch from a satisfied customer. Great customer experiences not only result in brand loyalty and additional purchases, they also inspire customers to advocate for your products and services. You can’t put a price tag on free advertising! 

6. What’s True Today, Might Not Be Tomorrow

So you’ve managed to keep your customers satisfied over the years? Great! But remember that things change. If you don’t believe me, dig through that drawer filled with all your old mobile devices! Especially in the digital age, new business are popping up regularly to compete for your customers. Maybe it will be a self-service platform with a streamlined service process. Or a field service software that provides the kind of real-time transparency and up-to-the-minute notifications that services like Uber have gotten us accustomed to. Either way, innovations are taking off every day. It will be better for the sustainability of your business if you blaze those trails forward and offer your customers what they want. Extra points for understanding your customers well enough to know what they want before they even do!

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